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Mary W

Math Tutor

University of South Africa

Majors: Mathematics

Other Certificates: University of British Columbia: Piano Performance

About Me



I believe that there is only one way to learn math, and that is to do it. Studying theory and concepts is not helpful for primary or secondary students. Doing exercises and answering questions helps students develop their own ways of conceptualizing new math ideas, and their ideas will be tested whenever they do a problem.

I also believe that anyone can do math. For some people it is easy and fun, for others difficult and frustrating, but anyone can do it as long as they can find a teacher or method that can explain things in a way that makes sense to them. (And they have to do LOTS of exercises.)


I received a Bachelor of Science degree (and the Graduate Excellence Award from the College of Science, Engineering and Technology for the top performer in a degree in the College) from the University of South Africa in 2013. My major was Pure Mathematics, but I also studied Physics and Theoretical Computer Science. I received a Bachelor of Music Degree from the University of British Columbia in where I majored in Piano Performance.


I have been tutoring math for about 10 years and, before that, I taught piano and music theory for another 10 years.


I play keyboards and sing in a cover band, and I love swimming, hiking, reading and eating.