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Michael L

Math, Science Tutor

McGill University

Majors: Physiology

Other Certificates: B.A., Psychology

About Me



I believe that the one-on-one nature of tutoring allows the teacher the ability to really modify their teaching style to fit the students particular needs. It is important to not be fixed on your lesson plan structure because one particular approach to tackling a subject or problem might resonate with one student, but not with another.

I find that breaking topics into smaller chunks and constantly asking if the students understands or if he/she has any questions allows the teacher to pinpoint what areas the student has difficulties with and can therefore better devise ways of addressing them.


I completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Physiology at McGill University and then decided that I wanted to enter Medical School. Before applying, I also completed another Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology so that I would have a full understanding of the human body before entering medicine.


I have experience tutoring students in high school and university in one-on-one settings.


Currently, I volunteer at an adaptive exercise center where I guide Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and MS victims through their rehabilitative programs. I have also recently begun serving as a senior friend to an elderly man with Alzheimer’s. While still independent, Tim is worried that he will eventually forget the contacts he made throughout his life while he worked as a cruise ship musician. Together, we created a Facebook and SKYPE account for him and tracked down his old contacts so that he has a quick and accessible means of keeping in touch with them.


I received a score of 37 on my MCAT exam.
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