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Miho A

Science, Social Studies, Elementary Education, Special Education Tutor

University of California, Riverside

Majors: Psychology

About Me



I believe a student-centered environment is best for learning. The students are the ones learning so encompassing the curriculum around their method of learning and incorporating some of their interests will make learning more enjoyable.

Ideally, I believe that in a environment like this, students will be eager to learn and thus start to participate more. Previous research has shown participation and student-teacher interactions increase academic performance.


I recently graduated from the University of California, Riverside with a major in Psychology. Most of the psychology courses I took are health psychology. I even had the opportunity to take a graduate division course. However, I am well-rounded in all fields of psychology..


During high school, I was a GEAR UP peer mentor for 3 years. Throughout my college, I have taken time to tutor my friends who were struggling in difficult courses, such as neuroscience. My teaching/tutoring style is tailored to each student, because each person processes information differently. For some students I tutored, I would draw out diagrams as I would explain the material.


I was a shooting guard on the girls’ basketball team during high school. I also mentored for 3 years. I held the position of Treasurer my last year as a mentor. Presently, I am a research assistant for a Social/ Personality and Health Psychology Research Lab at the University of California, Riverside.