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Rebecca A

Science Tutor

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Majors: Biology and Biotechnology

Other Certificates: M.A., Environmental Science; Teaching Certification: Massachusetts

About Me



I specialize in working with students of all learning styles and understand that each student learns in a unique way. It is my goal to help students figure out what their learning style is and then work with the student to come up with successful study strategies. I believe that every student is fully capable of learning even the most challenging material with the right guidance. I always strive to foster a positive mentor-student connection with the students I teach.


As an undergraduate I was conferred the degree of Bachelor of Science in Biology and Biotechnology from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. I then completed my advanced degree at the University of Rhode Island where I earned my Master of Science in Environmental Science with a focus on Wildlife Biology and Ornithology.


I am currently a Massachusetts Licensed General Science teacher and work in a 6th grade classroom teaching biology, ecology, earth science, physical science, and chemistry. I also work for the same school district as a tutor for high school aged students who are unable to attend school on a regular basis. Subjects include chemistry, physics, biology, English, algebra, geometry, and pre-calculus.


In addition to my passion for teaching, I regularly perform music with various ensembles. I play piano, guitar, and flute and have been involved with various orchestras and concert bands since I was in grade school. I am also a licensed horseback riding instructor and teach lessons several days a week.
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