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Regina W

English Tutor

Trinity Western University

Majors: General Studies

Minors: English

Other Certificates: Master’s Degree in Teaching

About Me



Learning is as individual as the child, and effective teaching styles and methods will depend upon the learner’s stage of development, his cognitive ability, the way he processes information, his motivation, and learning styles.
To effectively teach, I create an atmosphere that is safe – physically and emotionally. There will be no wrong answer but guidance toward a better answer or an unconsidered one.
I have been experimenting with different teaching methods aimed at promoting student achievement in a climate of openness and trust, and producing an environment that stimulates an exchange of ideas and mutual respect.

When it comes to presenting the curriculum, what I am learning is that the students’ enthusiasm for a particular subject is directly related to the amount of enthusiasm I exhibit. I am determined to stay positive and enthusiastic.


Upon realizing my dream of teaching, I decided to acquired my Bachelors and Master of Arts – Teaching at Trinity Western University. Teaching has provided me with the opportunity to interact with my students, in such a way, that sharing in the learning experience rewards us both. It has an affirming effect that engenders mutual respect, promotes a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.


My classroom experience consists of two years teaching English II, English I, and World Geography. Several students were special education inclusive for which I was responsible for developing and modifying curricula and other instructional materials to student ability levels, creating and implementing IEP’s, and participating in ARD conferences with parents.
I also taught one semester in an AEP environment, assisting students to complete courses in English and Social studies and receive full credit. Twelve of the fourteen students were able to complete their requirements and graduated, several with honors.

Additional experience includes working with students in an Academic Coaching Program (ACP) and working in a Content/Mastery Resource Center, when I substituted for inclusive/ Special Ed teachers and GT teachers in 2010 and 2011.


I have volunteered collecting tickets at numerous IUL functions and working at the concessions stands.