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Shealyn R

Social Studies, History Tutor

Central Connecticut State University

Majors: Business Management

About Me



I believe that students should have fun while they learn. If you relate the subject to the real world, as well as make it interesting, then it becomes easier for them to understand and keep their attention on that subject. I also believe that you also have to treat the students with respect and kindness. If you show them respect they will, in return, show it to you.


I have been in the process of going back to school to get my teaching degree in History and Social Sciences. The teaching that I have done has been for the local Boy Scout Troop. I am involved with Venturing, which is a branch of Boy Scouts of America, and when I was earning different ranks we had to teach the younger scouts the skills that we had learned. We would have to teach them a new lesson once a week.


The only teaching experience that I have is teaching survival skills to the scouts of the Boy Scout troop that I am involved with.


In my spare time I love to be outside and active. My husband and I usually go hiking and camping. I also dance, play softball and tennis. If we can go to different sporting events we go to baseball and football games. I also love taking pictures of family, friends and nature.