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Shefali P

Math Tutor

Rutgers University

Majors: Economics

Minors: Statistics

Other Certificates: MA: Mathematics Education

About Me



In teaching mathematics, I help my students make the connection between classroom learning and their life outside of school. I provide them with the tools they need to handle issues they will encounter with numbers in daily life and also prepare them for higher learning in math.

As someone who enjoys the logic of math, I strive to make my passion for it contagious so that my students will not only understand math, but also enjoy learning it. With that goal in mind, I make my lessons engaging and allow my students to tap into their own interests by offering options on assignments as often as possible.


I have earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, along with a minor in Statistics, from Rutgers University in 2001. I then continued my educational journey to earn a Master’s Degree in Mathematics Education from City College of New York in 2006.


I have taught mathematics and statistics courses to college level students, both online and at a local campus, as well as at the High School level. My teaching experience in various environments provides students with the motivation and inspiration to master mathematical skills following curricula and instructor guidelines. I am driven to be creative, organized, and most of all, patient. With these qualities, I have been able to effectively lead, manage, develop and maintain trust and confidence in my students to help them become better mathematics learners.


I enjoy spending time with my 20 month old son, who keeps me quite active. We love the outdoors as well as swimming and reading books together. We also have a beautiful Siberian Husky who loves playing fetch and going for long walks.