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Sidafa C

Math Tutor

University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

Majors: Computational Mathematics, Accounting

About Me



After every session, I find it best to ask the student to teach me the material. I believe if the student can explain the material in their own way then they truly understand the material. I believe that it is also best for the student to be working with someone patient. Throughout my tutoring experiences, working with ages 10-60, I have found that there is no one way to tutor/teach.


I graduated from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth with a dual degree in Computational Mathematics and Accounting Information Systems. I am now pursuing a graduate degree in Engineering and Applied Science. I am on a PhD track. My research focus is Time Stepping methods in numerically solving Partial Differential Equations; specifically Hyperbolic PDEs.


I have been tutoring since 2009. I tutor at UMass Dartmouth in Business and Math classes. I am also a teaching fellow at UMass Dartmouth. This past semester, I taught Pre-Calculus for the first time. Prior to that, I was a Teaching Assistant in numerous math classes.


Apart from my research, I normally enroll in number of online classes. I also do some freelance web development. I love playing soccer during my free time as well.