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Suzanna S

English Tutor

Augusta State University

Majors: Early Childhood Education

Other Certificates: M.Ed.: Instructional Technology; Educational Specialist: Educational Leadership

About Me



I have found it essential for teachers to provide an environment for their students where a sense of community and self worth are felt. Once this is established, the development of educational concepts and skills can take place on an individual level. This makes it possible to teach at an appropriate and progressive level for each student.
The teacher must also provide a wide range of opportunities and experiences. Building on these opportunities and experiences helps make learning goals easily reached and more interesting for all involved. The opportunity to fail, try again, and succeed is extremely important and provides students with life-long values.
I have also found that love and respect are two components that a classroom cannot be without. Showing respect for your students gives them a great example of why they should respect you, others, and themselves. By loving them and the job you do, every day is brighter and more positive.

Over the past ten years, my philosophy of education has changed dramatically. Influenced by colleagues, students, educational courses, and personal experiences, I have broadened my views of education. Most importantly, I have learned that my philosophy will cultivate and change over the next thirty years as I encounter a variety of students, colleagues and theories.


In May 2004, I graduated from Augusta State University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Early Childhood Education. I went back to the Grand Canyon University for my Masters, graduating in 2006, then to Liberty University to become an Educational Specialist.


I have had the privilege to teach students in third and fourth grade for the past ten years. During this time, I have also completed my masters and specialist. I believe that a combination of education and experience has provided me with the knowledge to help students to the best of my ability.


During my teaching career, I have also become a mother of two. I am very involved in my children’s lives, along with my church. I enjoy exercising and working with the children’s program at my church in my free time.