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Zoe S

Science Tutor

Monmouth University

Majors: Marine and Environmental Biology and Policy

About Me



I believe education should be accessible, stimulating and inspiring. I believe a safe environment enforced with respect, supportive encouragement and individuality is equally essential in learning as well as teaching. I strive for children to recognize themselves in their learning and work towards achieving their greatest potential.


I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Marine and Environmental Biology and Policy from Monmouth University. Through my studies I have advanced my knowledge of the environmental field across a diverse group of coursework including Natural Resource Conservation and Management, Ecology and Marine Biology.


I served as a Field Guide at the New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium where I facilitated a field education program to children and young adults. Currently, I am the Rocky Shores Naturalist at Sunset Bay State Park in Coos Bay, Oregon. I am responsible for researching, developing and presenting various educational programs to park visitors of all ages. I effectively communicate to park patrons and strive to instill a spirit of environmental stewardship through my programs.


I am an active member in the Coos Bay Chapter of the Surfrider Organization. I am dedicated to the protection of our oceans and beaches and proudly serve my community through various efforts including organized beach clean-ups, local activism, and community-based events.
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