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Amberley S

Math, English Tutor

University of Arkansas

Majors: English/Language Arts

Minors: Creative Writing

About Me



It is my belief that every student has the potential to not only be a great student, but to want to be a great student and have fun doing it. I believe that all it takes is the right connection between a student and a teacher (or other educationally oriented individual) to unlock and use that potential. I strive to find the perfect teaching method for every student I encounter because I realize that all students learn differently.


Based in Montgomery, AL, I received my Bachelor’s Degree in English from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock in 2013. I have continued to grow in my education by attending reading and writing seminars, keeping in touch with college peers and having academic meetings with those peers, and through reading and writing on my own.


I enjoy reading, writing, and helping my own children with their homework. I have always loved children and helping them further their education. I am currently working on a science fiction novel that I hope to have published. I enjoy painting, drawing, and doing crafts with my kids.