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Anastasia K

English, Social Studies, History Tutor

Arizona State University

Majors: Secondary Education

Other Certificates: Teaching Certificate

About Me



I believe that education should be individualized to the student. Just like there are no two fingerprints out there in the world that are the same, no two learners digest information the same.

Each individual is unique, and a teachers job, especially a virtual instructor, is to find the best way to engage and interact with his or her learners.


I possess a Bachelors of Arts in English Literature and Language with a minor in history. I also have a Masters of Arts in Business Communication and Leadership, as well as a Masters of Arts in Secondary Education.


I have been teaching exclusively online since 2011. I have taught all grades from 7-12th grade, as well as created and run a Teen Parenting Program. I have also re-written and created Common Core aligned curriculum for an entire Middle School.


I am a single, work from home mother. My extracurricular activities surround my son, as well as my love of all things health and fitness. I have run multiple marathons, as well as trained for cycling and mixed martial arts.

Of course, my greatest “activity” is being a mom for my 4 year old, and making certain that every need of his is met, and then some.

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