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Angela H

Math, English Tutor

State Fair Community College

Majors: Accounting

Other Certificates: Missouri Valley College: Elementary Education

About Me



“Teaching is not just a career, it’s powerful influence over tomorrow’s leaders.” Each student is able to learn, but at a different pace. All students want to learn some of the time. Most students want to learn most of the time. Each student has a different learning style. When planning lessons, teachers have to consider each learning style and know each child’s needs. Students are motivated by being engaged, being successful, and being encouraged. The students will learn best when they enjoy the activities.


I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education from Missouri Valley College in 2013. I learned so much about student’s needs and learning styles. I look forward to taking everything that I have learned and using it in my classroom.


I worked for the After School Program for 3.5 years, where I was able to tutor students from many different grade levels.


Some of my hobbies are reading, cross-stitching, and baking. I’m also a dog-lover. I have a toy poodle, and he is everything to me.