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Anna H

English, Elementary Education, Homework Help, Study Skills Tutor

Miami University

Majors: Early Childhood Education & Creative Writing

About Me



I believe that every person learns in a way that is unique to them, and the teacher should incorporate many different ways of learning in their lessons and classrooms.
Children should be advocates for their learning experiences by creating goals for themselves and strategies to meet those goals. Students should be active members of the classroom community by contributing ideas, rules, and helping out.

Learning should be educational and instructional, but it should also be interesting. It’s important to know what types of things interest your students so you can better plan your lessons to catch their attention and this way the ideas and lessons taught will be more memorable.


I went to Miami University for 4.5 years. I graduated last December with two degrees: one in early childhood education and one in creative writing. I loved my time at Miami. My professors were amazing and taught me so much about creating my own loving learning community!


I experience as a title one teacher, a substitute teacher, and I have worked in two separate preschools as a preschool teacher. Currently, I am currently a preschool teacher.

I loved doing title one work because I was able to branch out and work with solely struggling learners and students with special or different needs. I loved working one on one with these students and delving in deeper into lessons that way.


For the past 5 years I have been a strong advocate and volunteer for the Humane Society. I strongly believe in animal rights and love helping animals find their forever home. I also work out quite frequently and work on my writing. I have had three pieces published in the last year.