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Anu M

Science, Geography Tutor

University of Toronto

Majors: Biology

Minors: Chemistry and Environmental Sciences

Other Certificates: Bachelor of Education

About Me



Through my teaching experience, I have established two primary philosophies as a teacher: to promote student reflection and critical thinking, and to individualize their learning experiences.
I strive to create an open and comfortable classroom environment where students can feel free and encouraged to ask questions.

The classroom is a dynamic place. It is a place where a student can struggle, fail, and learn how to excel. It is the place where I started as a student. Today, I am a teacher. I aim to make learning a positive experience for each student of mine.


I graduated with Honours Bachelor of Science with biology major, chemistry minor and environmental science minor from the University of Toronto in April 2013. Further, I completed my Bachelor of Education with Biology and Chemistry teachables from the University of Windsor in April 2014.


I have tutored though Brampton Learna, a tutoring centre in Brampton, ON, for over a year to various age groups in Science (particularly biology and chemistry),and mathematics. This teaching experience involved teaching students with special needs such as autistic students, where teaching strategies were tailored according to students’ needs.


I enjoy playing piano and dancing. Currently, I am trying to get involved into sports such as dodge ball and badminton. I took part in dodge ball in-school game during practice teaching which inspired me to pursue this sport.
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