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Ashley B

Math, English Tutor

Northern Kentucky University

Majors: Bachelors degree in Middle Grades Education

About Me



I believe that all students learn in different ways and it is my job as a teacher to find that way that works the best. I think that every student can succeed if given the proper tools and guidance. The saying “I can’t” isn’t acceptable. I believe that motivation and encouragement are two keys to success and I plan on giving both of those to every student I come across.


I have my bachelors degree in Middle Grades Education from Northern Kentucky University. I also have a minor in math. I love both subjects for very different reasons. Language arts allows my creative side to come out in my writing and I love to read. Math is more of a game for me, a puzzle if you will. You have to put the pieces together to solve!


I am 22 years old and recently graduated from Northern Kentucky University. I am very excited to have made that accomplishment. I am from Cincinnati and recently moved to California where my husband is stationed in the Air Force. I am very passionate about teaching and love what I do.


I am a huge college basketball fan (Go Bearcats)! I like to spend time outside when the weather is nice. I like to go for a run and take my dog for a walk in the park. I love to scrap book. I have albums and albums of old pictures I have put together to be able to keep and look back on years from now. I like to do a lot of cooking and Do It Yourself crafts. I am a huge fan of Pinterest and find myself making different things from that website.