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Audrey G

Math, Science, English Tutor

Western Governor’s University

Majors: Instructional Design

Other Certificates: Florida International University: B.S. Secondary English Education

About Me



I believe that outstanding teaching is a combination of compassion, knowledge, and the ability to respond to students’ cultural and learning differences in ways that celebrate and nurture their academic and personal growth. Consequently, I strive to balance my knowledge of subject matter with innovative ways of reaching my students.

For me, it is not enough for the teacher to know literary themes and analyze how they are presented in a novel, to understand the writing process, or to delineate the elements of active reading strategies. I have to be able to transmit that knowledge to my students. I am constantly trying to find fun, innovative ways to share my knowledge with students.


I first studied at Florida International University where I received a B.S. in Secondary English Education. More recently, I graduated from Western Governor’s University with a major in Instructional Design.


I have been a full-time classroom teacher, Language Arts Resource Teacher, SES tutor for Reading, private tutor for 6th grade ELA and Science. I was a full time High School teacher for 9 years and a full time Middle School teacher for 8 years.


In my free time, I enjoy reading, writing and poetry. I also enjoy spending time with my son.