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Cecelia B

English, Social Studies, History, Elementary Education Tutor

Chestnut Hill College

Majors: Early Childhood/ Elementary Education

Other Certificates: Teaching Certification: Pennsylvania

About Me



I believe all children are capable of learning. I believe educators must hold high yet realistic expectations for all students. I believe children learn best with hands on experiences or have a real-life connection. I believe all educators must differentiate their instruction so that all students can learn. I believe an educator’s role is to be a guide, not an answer book to learning. I believe it is an educator’s duty to be lifelong learners, showing students the joy of discovering new things together.


I graduated with my Bachelor’s Degree in Education in 2008. I participated in work studies gaining customer service experience, interships in the school district and educational conferences for Smartboard, among others. I was a member of various organizations such as Council for Expectional Children. I continue professional development training through seminars and workshops. I am a certified teacher in the state of Pennsylvania.


My student teaching experience was with 3rd grade in Philadelphia. I took over all teaching responsibilities from my co-operating teacher; lesson planning, teaching, classroom management, etc. I dealt with some complex issues which required intervention of additional staff but I learned a lot from these events. My co-operating teacher showed me different management and teaching strategies for an effective classroom. I have also had short internship opportunities in 4th grade and in PreK classrooms. I was able to observe key management and communication skills for educators.


In college I participated in various clubs and organizations. I have participated in the Autism Walk and March for Dimes Walk for numerous years. I enjoy advocating for children, through donation, volunteering, etc. I continue to advocate for children through my membership with NAEYC.