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Crystal D

English Tutor

Auburn University

Majors: English

Minors: Psychology, Education, Theater

About Me



I believe that every student has their own unique way of learning and it is my desire to understand my students in this way, so that I help them be passionate about the subjects I teach.

I like to give student ownership of their own ideas, thoughts, and exploration of their interests and personality by opening conversation on our topic and allowing them to express opinions to and real-world solutions. This structure of opening dialogue, learning how to communicate, as well as receiving feedback is conducive to a college-ready learner which is the main goal of my teaching structure.


I am a graduate of Auburn University with a Bachelor’s degree in English with a focus in teaching. My graduate studies were in Psychology and Theater. I plan to graduate with a Master’s in Psychology in 2015.


Since graduating in 2004, I have taught in 2 college setting in the topics of Business, writing, customer service, Ethics, and Professional Development. I served as Head of Theater Department as well as teaching English to middle and high school students in a private school setting for a year until I began privately tutoring and substituting.


I am a self esteem coach for girls and women as well as a marketing and business coach to entrepreneurs and business women.