Elementary Education Tutors Available

SchoolTutoring Academy offers Elementary-Education tutoring across all cities in the U.S. and Canada. Please call us at 1-877-545-7737 (PREP) to schedule tutoring with any of our available tutors.

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Tara F. – Elementary Education Tutor – Albany, NY
Montclair State UniversityElementary Education
“I believe that each student needs the opportunity to learn within the best possible conditions for him or herself.”
Taylor G. – Elementary Education Tutor – Gainesville, FL
University of FloridaEnglish
“It is the job of teachers and tutors to tap into each student’s strengths and passions in order help them reach their full potential.”
Taylor R. – Elementary Education Tutor – Southampton, ON
Queens UniversityEnglish Literature
“I believe that education and learning create a purpose for living.”
Terina N. – Elementary Education Tutor – Suwanee, GA
Georgia State UniversityEarly Childhood and Special Education
“I believe a good education should be available for anyone who wants to learn, and should be an enjoyable and fun process.”
Theresa M. – Elementary Education Tutor – Essexville, MI
Saginaw Valley State UniversityElementary Education
“I believe that all children are capable of learning no matter their background or circumstances.”
Tiffany U. – Elementary Education Tutor – Williamsburg, KY
University of the CumberlandsElementary Education
“I believe school should be exciting, interactive, and effective.”
Tiffiney B. – Elementary Education Tutor – Houston, TX
Texas Southern University B.B.A. Degree in Management
“Not every student learns the same. It is up to the educator to determine the students individual needs and adjust accordingly.”
Tina S. – Elementary Education Tutor – Hurricane, UT
Northern Arizona UniversityElementary Education; Special Education
“All people learn differently and need to be taught according to their learning style.”
Toi B. – Elementary Education Tutor – Olive Branch, MS
Wright State UniversityEducational Leadership/Curriculum
“I believe in the power of quality instruction.”
Tom R. – Elementary Education Tutor – Mansfield, CT
Rhode Island College Elementary Education
“I believe that every student can learn and maximize their multiple intelligences.”
Tonia S. – Elementary Education Tutor – Prattville, AL
University of PhoenixElementary Education
“I believe that children/students learn by example.”
Tonya R. – Elementary Education Tutor – Charlotte, NC
Valdosta State UniversityEarly Childhood Education
“Students need to feel teachers are invested in their future, not just in a test score.”
Toyin D. – Elementary Education Tutor – Windsor, ON
Unversity of WindsorEducation
“Each child is special and has a unique personality.”
Val H. – Elementary Education Tutor – Moncton, NB
Crandall University, Education, Psychology, Sociology
“My philosophy is student centered and focuses on providing a safe environment where all students are welcome and will be invited to share their thoughts and ideas a we learn together.”
Valerie B. – Elementary Education Tutor – Winfield, KS
Newman UniversityEducation
“I wish to instill a love of learning into my students that will carry beyond their education years.”
Vanessa K. – Elementary Education Tutor – Bolton, ON
University of GuelphEnglish
“Education is essential for development and growth.”
Vicki B. – Elementary Education Tutor – Lubbock, TX
Texas Tech UniversityElementary Education
“I believe that each and every child can be taught.”
Victoria H. – Elementary Education Tutor – Reno, NV
University of Nevada, RenoElementary Education
“My years of experience as both a general and special education teacher at the middle school level have afforded me the opportunity to interact with diverse populations, establish a teaching style that is favorable to all learning styles, and maintain a high standard of pupil behavior needed to achieve a functional learning atmosphere in my classroom.”
Wayne Z. – Elementary Education Tutor – Billings, MT
Montana State UniversityChemistry
“I prefer a mixture of didactic and intense discussion. ”
Wendy H. – Elementary Education Tutor – Dawson, GA
Georgia Southern UniversityEarly Childhood Education
“I enjoy applying a wide variety of strategies based on essential educational principles encompassing cognitive functioning, learning theory, diversity issues, instructional planning and assessment.”
Wynee G. – Elementary Education Tutor – Brooklyn, NY
St. Joseph’s CollegeCriminal Justice
“Ensuring that each student is feeling confident about their work and assignments.”
Yvonne H. – Elementary Education Tutor – Hamilton, ON
McMaster UniversityHistory
“Caring relationships are fundamental to my teaching philosophy.”
Zack P. – Elementary Education Tutor – Kitchener, ON
McMaster UniversityInternational Business Management
“Teaching is all about fitting the technique to the student.”