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Frank G

Math Tutor

Rockford University

Majors: Mathematics

Minors: Secondary Education

About Me



As a Mathematics educator, I apply the Progressivism approach because I believe that students retain more information from practical applications as well as social interactions with their peers. I strongly believe that students, especially in the subject of mathematics, will find it easier to link applications with real world situations. By giving them the opportunity to link these concepts, I believe it motivates them to do the work that would otherwise become too complex for them.
The progressive approach also allows students to feel a part of by way of interacting sociably with their peers. They are able to see other approaches of solving problems from their peers and choose the method that suits them the best. They feel more appreciated when their voices are heard and are able to express their ideas in more depth.

This student-centered philosophy helps student’s find new and innovative ways to learn and grasp the educational process by using resources that are readily available in everyday life.


I graduated from a college preparatory high school named Hyde Park Career Academy, where I took mostly honor courses to help prepare me for college. I graduated from Rock Valley College with highest honors, and I went on to finish studying Math at Rockford University where I attained my Bachelor of Science in Mathematics with Honors, with a GPA of 3.85.


I’ve had experience in tutoring over a decade, and I also had the pleasure of observing students in the classroom. During those times where I observed students, I also got the opportunity to teach many lessons in public schools. I taught lessons to middle school students, as well as 9th and 10th grade high school students.


I participated in the math club at Rockford University, where I tutored and mentored many undergraduate students. I also had the opportunity to do a lot of community service throughout the area.