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Gabriela F

Math, English, Languages, ACT Tutor

University of Toronto

Majors: Classical Voice

Other Certificates: Masters, Music Education

About Me



As a teacher, I aspire to promote an equitable and engaging learning environment for my students. My students in turn inspire me to continuously learn, adapt, and evolve my teaching philosophy. Through them I have acquired skills including adaptability, so that each student can benefit from a personalized teaching approach and the knowledge that every child has something significant to offer.

Howard Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligences explains that intelligence comes in many different forms. I sincerely believe that every student has something significant to offer and by highlighting these distinctive strengths every child can meet their full potential.


I attended the University of Toronto in the Education department as a Classical Voice major. I have my Masters of Teaching degree from the University of Toronto, where I take courses in Intermediate Math, English and Science.


I have tutored Math and English at the elementary school level. I also have experience working with ESL students. I am very passionate about reading and writing, and have experience teaching these in a classroom setting.


I have vast experience in choirs and musical productions. I am the music director for a performing arts program, as well as a private voice and piano teacher. I enjoy travel and speak fluent Spanish.