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Jacqueline L

Math, English, History Tutor

University of Oklahoma

Majors: English – Writing

Minors: History

About Me



I truly believe that every child is different and absorbs information differently. It often breaks my heart to see so many children struggle with school, not because they don’t desire to do well, but because they simply have trouble understanding what most of the class seem to comprehend so easily.

I also understand the pressure teachers are under in the public school system to stick to a rigorous lesson plan for their school year. Often times they have little extra time to spend with students one-on-one. I hope that by tutoring, I can help students not only do well in their classes but also maintain a passion for learning.


I received a BA in English Writing with a minor in History from the University of Oklahoma.


    When I was in high school I was hired as a tutor for the Moore Public Schools System. This program placed elementary- and junior-high-aged students who were either failing or almost failing classes with tutors to help them with homework and better understand their assignments.
    I was also a coach for about 9 years. While this isn’t necessarily educational tutoring, I feel that my experience working with groups of children like this helped me to understand different ways they enjoy learning. It also taught me a great deal of patience.


I enjoy art in my spare time, whether it’s painting, drawing, or crafting. I also am passionate about reading and often read aloud to my daughter-a lot! She is 14 months old and we are on the fourth book in the Harry Potter series. Our small family is also very active, and we enjoy going to the park and playing basketball or riding bicycles.
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