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Jacquelyn M

English Tutor

Pennsylvania State University

Majors: Sociology

Minors: Business Administration, Information Systems and Statistical Analysis

Other Certificates: Teaching Certification: Pennsylvania

About Me



I have always loved learning and it is a privilege to be able to help others do the same. I am passionate about teaching people how to communicate their thoughts, feelings, and ideas clearly using the written word as well as being able to understand what they are reading. I believe that through patience, observation, and by using differing methods of explanation as necessary, I can help a student achieve mastery over concepts that will make them good communicators. I am dedicated to the individual student’s success.


I completed my Bachelors of Arts at Pennsylvania State University in Sociology and upon entering the workforce, discovered teaching. I immediately enrolled in a teacher certificate program at Wilson College while teaching full time. I wanted to challenge myself because of how exciting and important the work of getting the certificate was to me.


I taught as a substitute teacher extensively, which was an excellent way for me to interact with all grade levels, many differing abilities, and all subjects. I had my own classroom of 8th grade Communication Arts students for two years. I taught Business Education to 10-12 graders. I was a Special Education teacher for a year to 8th graders. I co-taught all four core subjects: English, Math, Science, and Social Studies. I was able to work with my six students one on one every day.


I have directed a tennis program for 7-15 year olds for years. Tennis 4 Kids is a free program for children to come and learn the game of tennis during the summer. The focus is on learning the game and having fun. There is a competitive opportunity at the end of summer for those students interested. I was also head tennis coach for the girl’s team at Spring Grove Area High School.
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