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Katie K

Math, Science, English, Social Studies Tutor

Saint Cloud State University

Majors: Elementary Education

Minors: Special Education

Other Certificates: NOVA Southeastern University: Master’s Degree in Reading

About Me



I believe that every child can learn and as a teacher, it is my job to discover how each child learns. When I teach, I teach for all different styles of learning.

How can I help the child visualize what I’m teaching? How can I help the child touch and create with his/her hands what I am teaching? I look for songs to help a child hear what we are learning. Every child can succeed with the right help.


I achieved my Bachelor of Science through Saint Cloud State University. I continually strive to stay educated in the newest teaching styles and strategies. As a result, I started my Master’s through NOVA Southeastern University.


Most my time is spent outdoors. My family and I love to go camping, fishing, biking, and hiking. During the winter our time is consumed by ice skating and sledding. My next adventure is to learn how to snowboard. When not outdoors, I enjoy scrapbooking and reading.