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Kim B

English, Elementary Education, Study Skills Tutor

University of British Columbia

Majors: English

Minors: Psychology

Other Certificates: Teaching Certification: British Columbia

About Me



Through collaborative inquiry, systematic instruction, and sustained school/ community partnerships, effective educators provide students with the skills needed to be reasoned thinkers and effective communicators. Culturally diverse systems of education must provide students with the skills to learn, and the behaviours to practice, in order that they develop the ethical and respectful values of successful global citizens. Today’s students need the ability to be reasoned thinkers and effective communicators.

As educators it is our mandate to create schools where students are able to explore all academic, cultural and technological programs of interest, where students are able to acquire knowledge about the past and the future, and where students are able to expect and respect cultural diversity. The role of educational leaders is to support the academic and personal well being of those within the school community and to provide opportunities to expand the boundaries of personal experiences.


I received my Bachelor’s Degree from the University of British Colubia with a focus in English. I then went on to receive my teaching certification for Early Childhood Education in British Columbia. Throughout the years, I have continued to keep current in my field.


A compassionate and positive educator with teaching experience from K -12, and expertise in the areas of cross-curricular instruction. Given the range of my teaching experience I have a solid base of experience in the portfolio areas of both Elementary and Secondary Learning (having worked extensively with grades K-12), as well as a strong working knowledge of Literacy, Reporting, Assessment, and Curriculum Transformation at both the elementary and secondary levels, and through my district-level committee work.


I serve as liaison to standing committees on literacy development, writing across curricular areas, assessment for learning, and collaborative based inquiry models.