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Mikaela R

Math, English Tutor

Florida Gulf Coast University

Majors: Elementary Education

About Me



I believe that students construct their own meaning of the world and a content area through the guidance of a teacher. Each student learns in a different way. Students take ownership of their learning when it is meaningful to them. K-12 education is in place to help students achieve their life goals and grow as a productive and well-informed citizen.


I am a senior in the College of Education at Florida Gulf Coast University. I am a high achieving student with a 3.74 GPA. My program is NCATE accredited, ESOL endorsed, and Reading endorsed. I have experience as a student teacher, learning first-hand from an experienced educator.


I have an abundance of teaching experience through volunteer work and my field experience training for my education program. I am a full-time teacher in a 2nd grade classroom; supervised by an experienced teacher.


I am a member of the Honors Program at Florida Gulf Coast University. I participate in volunteer activities and presented at a national conference! I am an officer of a club called Eagles Educate. We are involved in the community, volunteer at education related events, and are hosting a conference for local teachers.