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Mollene O

Science, English Tutor

College of Staten Island

Majors: Geology

Other Certificates: MS: Elementary Education/Environmental Science; Texas Teaching Certificate

About Me



I believe every child deserves a highly effective teacher who can differentiate instruction to meet the learning style of the student. Students learn best when they are actively engaged in, authentic hands-on learning environments that enhance critical thinking skills and deepen their understanding of the subject matter.


I have earned a Bachelor’s degree from the College of Staten Island and a Masters degree from Brooklyn College. I have also been trained in reading recovery and reading reform programs.


I spent a year as a student teacher in a public school and have been employed as a tutor and classroom teacher. I have spent the last year working with students who are struggling readers. I created lesson plans to help them reach their reading goals.


I appreciate going to museums and studying art. When I lived in NYC, I worked at the Art Lab as a photography teacher. This position was created to teach art appreciation to diverse groups of people. I really enjoyed experimenting with F stops and shutter speeds and creating unique images.
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