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Nancy M

English, Social Studies, Geography, Elementary Education Tutor

University of Phoenix

Majors: Educational Leadership

Minors: Curriculum

Other Certificates: Ph.D. in Education

About Me



I firmly believe that all children can learn and at their own pace. If students are giving the proper strategies and tools, they can retain all pertinent skills taught to them.
When students’ learning interests and styles are used in instruction, then they are more prone to meeting their own learning goals, standards and academic progress.
When students are placed first and given ownership of their learning, the outcomes are highly effective.


I am a certified Pre-K to grade 6 educator through the Department of Education (DOE) City of New York. I am a tenured state certified educator and lead mentor for new teachers. I have been a DOE employee for the 27 years.

I have taught all grades and am presently out of the classroom teaching Reader’s Theater and Academic Intervention services in reading, writing and math to at risk students. I am also a teacher-Librarian.


I have taught all grades and was a classroom teacher for 25 years. I am now a teacher-librarian and lead mentor servicing both classroom teachers and students with an array of learning tools to become life long learners.

I am also a professional development facilitator for veteran and new teacher alike; providing teachers with general education learning tools and strategies to meet the educational needs of all students. I have held this new position and titles for the past 3 years of service.


I am the Musical theater Club (MTC) After-school director for the past three years in my new place of employment and 25 years in my previous position. The students have performed such amazing showcases as Annie, Wizard of Oz and Beauty and the Beast. This next school year, the MTC will be performing Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

I have truly enjoyed using my gifts and talents in the area of theater arts to provide students with theatrical skills and strategies of communication to showcase and display their amazing talents as young artists.