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Nioma B

Math, English, Social Studies, History Tutor

Elmira College, Lehigh University, Marywood University, Walden University

Majors: Elementary Education

Minors: Social Studies

Other Certificates: Special Education/Administration

About Me



As a Special Education and Regular Education Teacher, I contribute a fresh, enthusiastic outlook for learning within a creative and student-centered environment. I provide an organized, caring and creative classroom, which brings forth maximum educational experiences and opportunities.

I view all children as individuals, and to promote positive self-esteem, my students are praised for their unique characteristics. I believe that structured planning, using a variety of teaching techniques, mastery learning, and “hands-on” activities permit my students to achieve their goals in all areas.


My educational background varies due to the fact that I have always wanted to teach Special Education and work in the area of school administration. I attended a college that did not offer a degree in Special Education but I felt this was alright because I really wanted to gain the skills and knowledge needed to be a successful teacher.

Soon after teaching regular education, I went on to attain a degree in Special Education. That soon sent me toward the field of School Administration. Although I have a vast array of education degrees I still thoroughly enjoy teaching. I enjoy seeing students succeed in all areas.


I have a wide array of teaching experience. Let me begin by explaining that I started off substitute teaching because I loved my profession so much that I wanted to wait for a permanent position to become available. Shortly after this, I accepted a position a great distance from my home but I was a very dedicated teacher because of the students.

Over the next several years I had various teaching assignments within my chosen field: Special Education and School Administration among them. The array of teaching assignments and experiences that I have had has proven to be greatly beneficial and advantageous in an abundance of ways.


I am involved in a few extracurricular activities at this time. These activities encompass my child and my family. They are as follows: church, Girl Scouts, gardening, soccer, any outdoor activity, reading, and professional development groups.


PRAXIS – Special Education Knowledge Based Core Principles: 155; Application of Core Principles: 159; School Leaders Licensure Agreement: 164
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