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Ronald F

English, SAT, Study Skills Tutor

California State University

Majors: English Literature: Rhetoric and Composition

Other Certificates: M.A., English; B.A., English; A.A., English

About Me



I aim to help students excel by empowering them through developing their writing, composition and analytical skills the same way my mentors and teachers inspired me. When “learning” really becomes about learning and not about passing the next test or getting the next grade, I find that is when students start achieving not only the desired grade they want, but the actual knowledge they need in order to become an informed, successful, active participant of this democratic society.


I currently have many Degrees in English which include a Bachelors, Masters, and and Associate Degree of Arts in English.


I aim to empower students by motivating and helping develop writing/composition and analytical skills the same way my mentors and teachers inspired me. I do have six years of experience in tutoring and mentoring students from ages 13 and beyond. I was an AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) tutor for a high school, and I was a Writing tutor for both Cerritos College and California State University Dominguez Hills.

During my run as a tutor, I have worked with “at-risk” and developmental students. On top of tutoring experience, I also have about a year’s worth of classroom teaching experience as a Supplemental English Instructor.


I have recently completed my last semester of English Graduate coursework, and I am in the midst of finishing my thesis. In addition to my academic work, I have also been involved in successfully resurrecting and co-running my school’s English Graduate Association while working as a Supplemental Instructor. I have also presented my research, and will continue to do so, at several conferences. I keep up to date with current pedagogical practices in the field of English education.