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Shad S

Math, Science Tutor

Colorado State University-Pueblo

Majors: Biology

Minors: Chemistry

About Me



My belief concerning education is that in spite of all of the political and bureaucratic rhetoric, educating our children must be the fundamental priority. I believe in an interactive approach to education, and providing as much enthusiasm towards the subject matter as I am capable of offering.

As a science educator, I believe in utilizing “real world” examples that help to make the theoretical information come alive. I believe in providing as much one-on-one attention as I can, and I am a strong advocate that science is something everyone can understand. In all, I believe that teaching is a lifestyle rather than simply an occupation.


I started college straight out of high school. However, I joined the Air force as a means of learning discipline and in turn I also learned the value of an education. I took classes throughout my career in the armed forces, raised my GPA and when I separated, I went back to school and earned a B.S in Biology with a minor in Chemistry. Though it took me eight years to finally earn my degree, every experience was well worth it and the life lessons were priceless.


I tutored three children in the past year as part of a tutoring business I had. Every one of those children made significant improvements in their scores and classes. I only stopped tutoring because it was extremely difficult to manage this business alongside my current occupation as a Chemical Analyst. I also worked as a tutor throughout college as an Organic Chemistry tutor, in which I was successful as well.


At this time I am not involved in any activities. I used to be a college wrestler, as well as a marathon runner, however this was far in the past.