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Tracy T

Math, English, Social Studies, History Tutor

Mississippi College

Majors: Communications (emphasis in Theater)

Minors: Computer Science

About Me



Coming from a family of teachers, I absolutely believe that learning happens constantly, in large and small ways. Encouraging students to enjoy asking questions and seeking the answers, even outside of formal education spaces and times, often takes creative thinking – and no small amount of patience – on the part of those who choose to be teachers. As students discover the relevance of a subject to their own lives, they become self-motivated and will often set (and meet) goals far beyond anyone else’s expectations.


I come from a family with a long history of teachers. I grew up surrounded by teachers of mathematics, piano, English, Special Education, and more. On my own, I have studied various learning, social, and behavioral disabilities including autism spectrum disorders. I received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from Mississippi College in 1994, and I have extensive experience in all aspects of Theater. I believe both of these areas are of great benefit to an educator.


Most of my earliest memories revolve around reading, and I have been known to read in almost every genre. I am a crafter: a knitter, a lace-maker (Victorian tatting), a cross-stitcher, an amateur seamstress, and more. I am an amateur photographer, specializing in landscapes. I love animals, especially cats, and I find many ways to volunteer to help animals, including at the Mississippi Craft Show which benefits at least one animal charity each year. I also do as much with local community theater as possible, mostly backstage as stage manager and costume manager, but also occasionally finding myself onstage in front of the audience.