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Velegar M

English Tutor

Univeristy of South Carolina Upstate

Majors: Secondary English Education

Other Certificates: Teching Certificate: OH, SC

About Me



I believe that all individuals can excel in society. Expertise in English/Language Arts can only further encourage this excellence. English is all around us and students must learn to appreciate it for what it is. Learning and perfecting English skills will only make it easier for an individual to progress in all aspects of life; education is progression.


I began school in Georgia, then continued elementary school in Minnesota before traveling to Liberia, West Africa and continuing my education there. By middle school, I was residing in Ohio and I stayed there through my sophomore year of college. I finished my degree in South Carolina, and through all of the traveling, I really got a good understanding of and appreciation for diversity. Diversity is key in education and I want nothing more than to use innovative and interest-piquing techniques to teach my students.


I taught at South Carolina’s most populous school, Dorman High. I then continued my Secondary English educating at Blacksburg High.


In high school and college, I was a very active student. In high school, I was a class officer, dance team member, cheerleader, runner, junior mentor and senior mentor. I continued to become a collegiate track & field athlete and a collegiate cheerleader. I also coached track & field and assisted the cheerleading team as a teacher.
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