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Regina, Saskatchewan Tutoring Programs

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Regina District and Curriculum

There are two school districts serving the Regina region. Regina schools follow provincial standards in English, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Fine Arts, Foreign Languages, Computer Technology, and Physical Education. Regina schools are committed to bringing emerging technology into the classroom, and offer career and technical education in addition to the standard curriculum. There are also a diversity of extracurricular opportunities for students that can connect them with future academic and career pursuits.

We currently cover the following Regina-area school district: Regina Public Schools, Regina Catholic Schools .

Schools in Regina include:

Argyle Elementary School is located at 2941 Lakeview Ave, Regina, SK, S4S 1G8. Argyle Elementary School covers kindergarten through eighth grade. Contact Argyle Elementary School at (306) 791-8536. In 1954, the southwest area of the city saw the opening of the new Argyle School. A quotation from the Leader-Post at the time stated, the “six-room, modernistic school was turned over to W. Peart, chairman of the public school board …” Since then, Argyle School has been expanded upon to include a full complement of classrooms, gymnasium, resource centre, and teacher preparation areas. Additionally, Argyle School has fostered multiple partnerships within the community. The surrounding area is attractive, with beautiful and large houses in the surrounding area. With Regina Public School Board’s decision to merge the Argyle and Athabasca areas in 2011, the school has seen a large uptick starting in 2013, a trend which has been kept up since. Presently, there are over 300 students at Argyle Elementary School. Argyle Elementary School offers two FDK programs and 10 Grades 1 through 8 classrooms. Kindergarten to Grade 8 are taught in alignment with the Ministry of Education Curricula. There are over 25 teaching and teaching support staff members at Argyle School. They have 12 classroom teachers from Kindergarten to Grade Eight. There is an EAL support teacher, six teacher assistants, a librarian, a learning resource teacher, a French specialist, a band director, and a structured learning teacher. They offer an array of supports and programs available in all Regina Public Schools: School Counselor services, Speech & Language Pathologist, Occupational Therapist, Psychologist support and School Resource Officer (Regina Police Service).

Luther College High School is located at 1500 Royal Street Regina, SK, S4T 5A5. Luther College High School covers ninth grade through twelfth grade. Contact Luther College High School at (306) 791-9150. Luther College High School pledges to give students a true love of learning, and teach about the power of knowledge, as well as the worth of each individual, the significance of community, and an appreciation of God’s creations. They give an academic, stimulating, and encouraging ecosystem where students can develop a more solid basis for continuing their education, lifelong learning, and assistance to the community. Through the maturation of the whole student– intellectual, physical, social, emotional, and spiritual – each student will be potential leaders, as they grow into being thoughtful, moral, critically engaged citizens. Students will also be well prepared for post-secondary education. Luther College High School is set apart by the Lutheran history of excellence scholarship, freedom to find and follow the truth, and a special  appreciation of living in the grace of God. Providing a Christian setting, Luther instills intellectual curiosity and promotes reaching one’s own goals in any and all areas, and they welcome any student from all backgrounds and religions. Luther intends to deliver the highest quality teaching in order to provide the best possible learning in the liberal arts and sciences, and they enjoy being provincially known for excellence and innovative teaching methods as a premier secondary school in Saskatchewan and a leading arts and science school in Canada. Students have access to outstanding experiences, facilities, faculty and staff.

Campbell Collegiate High School is located at 102 Massey Rd., Regina, SK, S4S 4M9. Campbell Collegiate High School covers ninth grade through twelfth grade. Contact Campbell Collegiate High School at (306) 523-3250. The students enrolled in Regina Public Schools are among the top of the world, and steadily achieve extraordinary results.  At Campbell Collegiate, their students are no exception. They are consistently achieving at or above the provincial average, earning them many scholarly awards every year. They have a longstanding history of being among the strongest academically, athletically, and artistically. Opened in 1964, Campbell Collegiate has since endeavoured to become the best learning environments for students.  They recognize the need to provide choice and a certain degree of freedom to all students, they continue to offer a variety of programs to help prepare students for advanced study, business, and trades courses. They are ensuring students have a global tier, interest based, educational learning experience based on the things students actually care to learn about. They believe that in order to prepare their students to live well in a future that embraces change and high levels of technology, they must be open to new ways of thinking. Students will need to be creative and innovative in order to make their way in the world beyond high school.  They will need to be problem solvers and critical thinkers with a supreme technical ability and very perseverant in order to address issues that we have not yet explored.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Regina District Curriculum

Students in Regina are instructed based upon the Renewed Curriculum that has been developed by the province. This curriculum covers a range of instructional requirements and intended outcomes. The Curriculum provides the expectations and standards of learning for the subjects at each grade level.  The Curriculum also describes the conceptual foundations and big picture ideas that emerge from subject-area learning.

In addition, the Renewed Curriculum provides Broad Areas of Learning that all teachers should work toward developing in their students. The purpose of these Broad Areas of Learning are to develop lifelong learners, develop a sense of self and community for students, and that students emerge from their school years as engaged citizens.

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Saskatchewan Tutors

I believe that the goal of education is to enrich the lives of students while producing articulate, expressive thinkers and lifelong learners who are socially responsible, resilient and active citizens of the world. Education is about teaching students, not subjects. It is about engaging students in their learning and maximizing the potential of each and every child. Education is about looking beyond the child’s intellect, and seeing the whole child. Education is about providing students with opportunities to be challenged and still succeed.
In my personal and professional life, I have always had one guiding principle: be willing and have the ability to teach and learn. It is also necessary for effective learning to have a teaching and learning style that is very interactive (when and where possible), giving students the opportunity to participate actively.
It is my passion to help students reach their fullest potential while providing a secure, caring, supportive and stimulating teaching environment for them. My love for children and love of the subjects teach is showcased in my classrooms.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Regina Educational News

  • CREATE - The Connecting Regina Educators and Artists Through Expertise program partners all teachers in grades 3, 4 and 5 with a local professional artist who helps integrate arts into students education. The program allows teachers to devise unique ways to explore core academic subjects through means of artisitc expression.
  • Trek School - Students in grade 11 can participate in Trek School. This is a 6 credit program where students are able to hike, ski, mountain bike and canoe, while also learning about environmental responsibility and stewardship. The program runs for one semester and students apply during grade 10.
  • Structural Innovation - Across the district, schools are participating in a program called Structural Innovation. This is meant for teachers and administrators to plan for the implementation of changes in teaching practices. The goals of this program are that students receive more interdisciplinary instruction, more inquiry-based and student-centered learning opportunities, and more inclusive practices. This program began in the 2009-2010 school year in 14 school and has already increased to 32 schools in the district.

Regina Tutors Can Help Your Student Succeed

SchoolTutoring Academy works with young learners and students, all the way up through high school. We offer Pre-K and Kindergarten Tutoring as well as Elementary School Tutoring to build a strong learning foundation early on. We also offer comprehensive tutoring across all school subjects.

About Regina, Saskatchewan

Regina is a city in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, as well as the capital city. It is located on the Wascana Lake, and it is the second largest municipality in Saskatchewan; Regina is relatively large, covering an area of 180km2, and housing a population of 236,481. Regina was previously the seat of government of the North-West Territories, of which the current provinces of Saskatchewan and Alberta originally formed part, and of the District of Assiniboia. The site was previously called Wascana (“Buffalo Bones” in Cree), but was renamed to Regina (Latin for “Queen”) in 1882 in honour of Queen Victoria. This decision was made by Queen Victoria’s daughter Princess Louise, who was the wife of the Governor General of Canada, the Marquess of Lorne. In recent years, Saskatchewan’s agricultural and mineral resources have come into new demand, and it has entered a new period of strong economic growth.

According to the 2011 Canadian Census, the population of Regina is 193,100, a 7.7% increase from 2006. The population density is 1,327.6 people per square km. The median age is 37.1 years old (48.5 for women and 38.5 for men), which is lower than the median age of Canada at 40.6 years old. Most residents in Regina speak English (98.1%), and a small number speak French (1.3%). 12.3% of the population’s mother tongue was something other than English or French; German (1.4%), Tagalog (1.3%), Chinese (1.0%), Ukrainian (0.8%), Urdu (0.6%), Punjabi (0.5%), Spanish (0.5%) and Vietnamese (0.5%).

From Stephanie B on FlickrStone Hall Castle

Stone Hall Castle was originally designed and constructed by Francis Nicholson Darke as a stronghold for his wife, Annie. The castle brings the incredible Medieval European experience to Western Canada. The history of the castle is almost as interesting as the original owner was. It is little known that the first Darke residence, located where the Hotel Saskatchewan stands today, was destroyed during the terrifying cyclone of 1912, which ripped a path through buildings in downtown Regina, causing tons of damage. The story goes that Darke’s wife was so terrified by the cyclone that she pleaded with him to build a new fortress, where she could feel safe again. If it weren’t for this natural disaster, this castle would probably never have been built.  In the back half of his life, with children all grown up and moved out, Darke decided it was finally time to build Annie her fortress. He decided on the most durable and tough stone building materials, designed in order to withstand Prairie cyclones and other natural disasters. Cost was of no worry for Darke, who was quite wealthy, he imported the exact limestone used on the Regina Legislative Building, a bold and unprecedented move, and work began. In 1926, Darke, with the help of the finest masons, carpenters and artisans of his time, finally delivered on his promise to his wife and presented her with a solid stone fortress, complete with a full stone roof and special bomb shelter in the basement. For more information, please visit their website here.

Royal Saskatchewan Museum

The Royal Saskatchewan Museum got its start in 1906, when a museum was formed to “secure and preserve natural history specimens and objects of historical and ethnological interest”. Since then, the Museum’s directive has expanded to use these specimens and objects to educate communities through their programs, exhibits, and research programs. Through explicitly defining their visions, mission and mandate, they provide themselves with a guidepost and set of guidelines to follow when designing and building new exhibits, delivering programs and performing research. Their current vision involves creating a society wherein natural and cultural heritage is understood and appreciated. Their mission chiefly consists of collecting, preserving, interpreting and sharing knowledge with local communities. They will see fit to consider themselves as successful when “all people are fully involved in this process of learning and understanding, and, therefore, are able to interpret the world around them and make informed and wise decisions regarding their cultures and resources.” The RSM desires to further the understanding of the province’s natural history and aboriginal cultures, both past and present. It communicates that understanding through all available media, especially exhibits and publications, in a culturally and scientifically sensitive manner for the purposes of education and enjoyment. The Museum’s principal means of understanding and communicating is through acquisition, conservation and research of appropriate material evidence of human and natural history. For more information, please visit their website here.

Interesting Facts

  • Every Royal Canadian Mounted Police Officer in Canada has undergone police training at Depot Division in Regina.
  • At 2,300 acres, Regina’s Wascana Centre park is bigger than Vancouver’s Stanley Park and Central Park in New York City combined. Plus, it’s home to the world’s largest Western Painted Turtle. Her name is Olga, and in 2015 her hard shell was measured to be a record-setting 10.47 inches long. And then there’s the Albert Street Memorial Bridge, on the western edge of the lake, said to be the longest bridge over the shortest span of water in the world.
  • Canada’s only medieval-style castle is right downtown.

Chalk Talk: Allowing Your Child to be Challenged

Being a parent is hard. You go from doing everything to nurture a baby to letting them drive off to a movie and there is a lot of time in between. An important lesson to teach your children before they are adults is how to persevere through a challenge and not give up. They might not always succeed in their quest. But it is important to teach them how to try. Although it might be tempting to swoop in and help them be it tying their shoe, working on that math problem, or building the science project - hold back sometimes. Frustration can be a good teacher.

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