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Abby S. – English/Math/ Social Studies & History Tutor – East Peoria, IL
“In order for learning to occur, the teacher must be flexible and willing to try new activities and instructional strategies.”

Alicia S. – English/Math Tutor – Silt, CO
“I believe every child is a capable learner. Each child learns in their own way and sometimes they just need a different angle to see something and understand.”

Ally P. – English & French Tutor – Whistler, BC
“I am a firm believer that every one is capable of the same amazing things, but may simply need to get there through a different path. Each child learns in their own way, and my goal is to be able to inspire a child to grow from that belief. ”

Amie H. – English/ESL Tutor – Swansboro, NC
“I believe that every child is capable of learning. I believe everyone has his or her own learning style that may not always be conventional.”

Amy M. – English/Science/Geography Tutor – Baxter, MN
“It has always been my goal to make a difference in the life of a child. I want to teach them to the best of my abilities. I strive to train them to be all that they can be.”

Amy S. – English/ESL Tutor – Willimantic, CT
“The purpose of education, in my eyes, is to lead students to discover their own power. I provide students with a lot of encouragement and motivation in the classroom, which I balance with a healthy amount of feedback and direction.”

Anna R. – English/History & Social Studies Tutor – Altoona, PA
“I believe all students, including those with learning disorders and developmental disabilities, deserve to have the finest education available.”

Annemarie J. – English/History & Social Studies Tutor – Pinconning, MI
“I believe teachers are responsible to teach the whole student; their character, as well as everyday life skills. I believe that if individual needs are addressed, every student can be successful in their academics.”

Ashley B. – English Tutor – Napa Valley, CA
“I believe that all students learn in different ways and it is my job as a teacher to find that way that works the best. I think that every student can succeed if given the proper tools and guidance.”


Bethany R. – Math/English/Science Tutor – Fort Collins, CO

“I believe that all education should be driven by a love of learning. It’s not just the grade, but rather enjoying the material for the sake of learning.”

Breanne M. – English, Math & Science Tutor – Abbotsford, BC
“Education should be a way to help students to discover what they value most about the world and themselves. As educators, we are helping to shape the future.”

Brett K. – English Tutor – Wichita, KS
“As someone who has been focused on teaching, most recently teaching traditional and nontraditional college students, I am looking to expand my knowledge and experience and work as a tutor. I am confident that my expertise in teaching and background in coursework will help guide my students towards accomplishing their learning goals. ”

Brett W. – History & Social Studies/English Tutor – Schaefferstown, PA
“Using various teaching strategies and methods, all teachers have the ability to appeal to various learning abilities that will be present in their classroom.”

Brittany M. – English & French Tutor – Brandon, MB
“I place a lot of importance in celebrating even the smallest successes, so the student can feel confident and comfortable in achieving their larger goal(s).”


Carmen P. – English/Spanish Tutor – North Hollywood, CA

“I encourage my students to find their own learning style. Everyone has their own way of learning. What works for one student may not work for another student. Learning takes hard work and dedication, but it should also be fun.”

Carol K. – English Tutor – Pensacola, FL

“I am a motivator. I take my role as a teacher/tutor seriously because I know I am teaching the future. Many of my students have only seen failure and I am committed to showing them success. Failure is not an option. I do not teach for tests but for skills that each of my students needs to be successful.”

Carrie C. – English/ESL/History & Social Studies Tutor – Cumberland, BC
“As a tutor I work with students to help them solve academic problems themselves, guiding them to their own solutions rather than simply providing them with one way to achieve their goals.”

Carrie M. – English/SAT/ACT Tutor – Greenville, NC
“True education is only achieved when knowledge is not only learned but also retained and used. Any student can be successful given the chance to do so.”

Charity-Melissa E. – English, ESL & French Tutor – Stephenville, NL
“I believe that students should be encouraged to learn in the way that makes them most comfortable and knowledgeable in the taught subject without sacrificing time. ”

Charles A. – English, Math & Computer Science Tutor – Cassopolis, MI
“Interactive learning is essential!  I heavily rely on Bloom’s Taxonomy to help students use the higher levels of thinking and problem solving. I find that audio, kinesthetic, and read/write types of learning styles are all very important when covering material.”

Christine H. – English/Math/Science Tutor – Kamloops, BC
“I believe that all children have the right to be successful in their education. As an educator I see myself acting as a guide for my students.”

Christopher Y. – English/History & Social Studies Tutor – Fredericton, NB
“I believe that a structured plan will allow most students to achieve their academic goals. Many students do not comprehend a subject because they are learning it the wrong way.”

Cindi C. – English Tutor – Davenport, IA
“I believe that each child is a unique individual who needs a secure, caring, and stimulating atmosphere in which to grow and mature emotionally, intellectually, physically, and socially.”

Colleen G. – History & Social Studies/English/Spanish/ESL Tutor – Frisco, CO
“I believe that people learn in a variety of ways. As the teacher, it is my job to accommodate those different learning styles.”

Craig M. – English/Math/History & Social Studies – Battle Lake, MN
“Good comprehension of the written word, and the ability to translate technical information to easily grasp concepts is the key to literacy.”


Daniel C. – English/History/Math Tutor – San Diego, CA

“I am of the opinion that the primary determinant of academic performance is motivation—motivation which can be easier to come by when students have the opportunity to interact with course material in ways that go beyond narrowly focused attempts to obtain certain marks.”

Daniel H. – English Tutor – Broken Arrow, OK

“Reading and writing, like so many skills, are things anyone can get better at, provided they put forth the effort and the practice. I want my students to get better at reading and writing so I have them actually doing a lot of reading and writing and hopefully I can make learning a fun and engaging process.”

Danielle M. – English Tutor – Blaine, WA

“Everyone should be given the opportunity to learn and we all need to take steps to learn. Learning doesn’t come easy for some people but that doesn’t mean that they’re incapable of learning just that it might take a little more push. Patience is the key to teaching and learning, both work together to create a better atmosphere.”

Darla K. – English/Math/Science Tutor – Waseca, MN

“I want students to experience the freedom that allows for expression (and creativity) within the parameters set forth within the classroom / school community. I also feel it is beneficial for students to sometimes work for an answer than “being told,” because it stretches their knowledge.”

Dave E. – English/History and Social Studies Tutor – Rochester, NY
“I believe that both learning and teaching are activities that require the active engagement of both the student and the instructor. It’s the teacher’s job to share his or her expertise and experience; it’s the student’s job to analyze and synthesize the knowledge shared by their instructors and to then make that knowledge their own.”

David D. – English/French/Math Tutor – Parksville, BC
“Students learn by doing, and by making mistakes. Teachers must listen, and ask the right questions, in a Socratic dialogue which guides students to the best answers in the best way.”

David S. – English/French Tutor – Toronto, ON

“For a long time I was involved with children’s programming at the Royal Ontario Museum, with children of varying age groups and abilities. We covered a variety of topics, from history and archaeology to sport, theatre, and visual arts. Having graduated from university, I decided to return to the field of education and put my skills and love of learning to good use.”

Davis H. – English Tutor – Greenville, SC

“I have been involved in education in a variety of ways for many years. Most recently I was a “teaching artist” in my local school district, a program which consisted of integrating an art form (music, in my case) into the curriculum standards of the class, working with the teacher on lesson plans.”

Derek M. – English/ESL/Spanish Tutor – Taylorsville, NC
“Students learn best by doing and feeling like they’re participating in something important. When students enjoy learning will they be able to truly achieve.”

Diana M. – English Tutor – Clarks Summit, PA
“Getting to know a student and determining their learning style is the best way to develop lessons, activities and study strategies for each individual student.”

Diane S. – English Tutor – Wappingers Falls, NY
“Each student in a class has an individual name and also has an individual learning style strength.  A teacher should strive to find the learning style(s) that work for each and every student.  Students metaphorically travel to the same destination with one lesson to the next. The important thing is to remember that there are many, many ways to get to that destination.”

Donna-Marie L. English/ESL Tutor – Berrien Springs, MI
“I follow the philosophy that every child must learn. They just need the proper tools, guidance, motivation and a good support system to be successful.”

Doris B. – English Tutor – Belton, SC

“It is through demanding high expectations of ourselves, not only our students, that we are able to make significant achievements in the lives of children and adequately prepare them to become positive contributors to our society.”


Elisa L. – English/Math Tutor – Wilbraham, MA

“I believe that all students have the ability to learn. I will engage all students through a multi-modal approach because no two students learn identically.”

Elisabeth J. – English, Math & Social Studies Tutor – Rexburg, ID
“In order to gain a successful education, learning should be wholesome, uplifting, engaging, and fun! As a teacher, I enjoy helping students grasp a better concept and understanding of anything and everything they are learning. ”

Elizabeth M. – English/Math Tutor – Palmerton, PA
“Not all children learn the same way, so my goal is to find the way that works the best for each child and use that when working one on one with students.”

Elizabeth S. – English/ESL/SAT Tutor – Northampton, PA
“Learning should be interesting and engaging, and all students can experience success with enough support and encouragement.”

Eric H. – History & Social Studies/English Tutor – Marine City, MI
“My philosophy is simple: put the student in control of how they want to learn and what makes them comfortable.”


Fiona M. – Math/English/ESL & Languages/History & Social Studies Tutor – El Paso, TX

“Teaching needs to be tailored to an individual student, to their learning style and needs, and goal setting and praise are an important part of the process.”


Hannah B. – English Tutor – Spokane, WA

“I believe that learning can and should be fun. I think that one-on-one investment goes a very long way in a teaching or tutoring situation, and that a student can make progress, no matter how difficult the subject may be in the beginning.”

Heidi S. – English/ESL/Science Tutor – Bellingham, WA
“Education not only provides us with the rudimentary skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in life, it is also an invigorating chance to explore our minds, discover our deepest passions, and find out how we can use our minds and passions to meet a need and better our world.”

Helena R. – English/History and Social Studies/Math Tutor – Corpus Christi, TX
“I believe that in order for a student to get the full understanding and in-depth knowledge of a subject, they need to be able to apply the concepts to their lives and create active working knowledge. A student needs more than repetition of facts and data.”


Jacquelin V. – English/ESL Tutor – Southern Shores, NC

“All students have differing methods of learning and knowledge retention, and each should be handled on a case by case basis to ensure the best results possible.”

James W. – Math/English/Study Skills/Elementary Tutor – Nyack, NY
“I have a firm belief that all students can learn.  It is incumbent upon the educator to have a firm grasp on the strengths and needs of her/his students.”

Jennifer D. – English Tutor – Davison, MI
“Each student learns differently. A good teacher takes these differences into account, and encourages students to use their strengths in order to learn the best.”

Joy C. – English Tutor – Manteca, CA
“My educational philosophy is to have an approach built upon academic standards where a curriculum is developed and keeping the commitment to a creative, innovative, and child- centered education.”


Kara L. – English/ESL & Languages Tutor – Kempton, PA

“I believe a good education is the foundation for a child’s future. To give a student the desire to learn is the utmost responsibility of the teacher.”

Kara R. – English/ESL/History & Social Studies – Fredericton, NB
“I believe that all children are capable of learning. Regardless of any challenges in front of them, with the right help, all children can reach their full academic potential.”

Karin G. – Elementary, Special Education Tutor – Medford, NY
“Regardless of the differences in the way students learn, patience and creativity can go a long way in reaching and teaching them. All progress is progress, no matter how small it may seem, and should be celebrated and built upon.”

Karla M. – Reading/Math Tutor – Orange Park, FL
“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela”

Kate P. – English/ESL/Spanish Tutor – Pueblo, CO
“I believe in being a facilitator of education (a tutor/coach), and working closely with the student to achieve his or her educational goals to the best of my teaching ability.”

Katherine T. – English Tutor – Portage, MI
“I believe that each student has individual strengths that he or she has the ability to tap into no matter which subject he or she studies.”

Keeley M. – English Tutor – Edmonton, AB

“As authority figures, teachers must guide the student with their knowledge, but must also be open to learning from the students. Every experience can be one of learning.”

Kelly H. – English Tutor – West Richland, WA

“I believe in making education enjoyable so the student is more accepting and willing to learn. I accomplish this by learning about my students and their learning styles. The learning will be structured around their style and they will be held accountable to hold up their end. If we are using methods they enjoy it is easier to hold them accountable and they learn much more.”

Kellynd G. – English, Math & Science Tutor – Wrentham, MA
“Because each student is a unique individual with varying degrees of background knowledge and support, I scaffold lessons and differentiate instruction in order to meet the needs of each and every student. My ultimate goal is to ensure that every child has the opportunity to improve and achieve success.”

Krystina R. – English/ESL/Math/History & Social Studies Tutor – Calgary, AB
“My educational philosophy is that all children have a willingness to learn but every child has their own unique way of learning. It is important for us, as educators, to understand this and listen to each individual student to provide them with efficient and effective teaching strategies.”


Laura Ann H. – English Tutor – Jacksonville, FL

“I believe each student has the potential to go to a post-secondary institution and become positive citizens in the community. Student learning begins with hands-on activities, student-centered activities and one-on-one attention. My goal for each of my students is to become a self advocate and a life long learner.”

Laura B. – K-6 English/Math/Science Tutor – Marcellus, NY
“Students learn best by doing and when teachers take on the role of a facilitator they are able to guide students through the learning process by scaffolding student learning.”

Lauren M. – English Tutor – Venice, FL

“I believe that every child is a unique individual possessing different qualities, learning styles, and abilities. Every child has the right to a secure, caring, and stimulating atmosphere that will meet their individual needs and personality.”

Leeran M. – English Tutor – Waterloo, ON

“My philosophy is that any student has the ability to succeed in any subject. I believe that with the right tools and support any child can strive and achieve their goals.”

Lisa T. – English Tutor – Dubuque, IA
“A teacher must be able to understand the level of the student in order to perceive difficulties and accordingly, solutions must be communicated on the same level. A positive response from a teacher, for effort alone, is equal to a positive response from correct answers. ”

Loren S. – English/History & Social Studies Tutor – Prescott, AZ
“I believe that mastery of basic reading, writing, and mathematical skills is essential to the pursuit of academic studies, occupational training, and personal intellectual enrichment.”

Lori Ann J. – English Tutor – Hamilton, ON

“I believe that learning is a vital part of our innate ability as humans to thrive and to succeed.”

Lynnsy N. – History & Social Studies/English Tutor – Dawson Creek, BC
“I think education is a two-way street. I want to help people learn, and in return learn from them.”


Marcel V. – English Tutor – Ottawa, ON

“I believe that education is the most valuable resource in the world, and everyone has a right to an educational experience that fulfills their desires and optimizes their potential. I believe that individualized attention helps students achieve success by concentrating on their strengths.”

Marija M. – English Tutor – Canton, MI
“I believe as a teacher I should be able to deliver well, to be fun, creative, engaging and to love what I am doing. That’s all it takes to be effective.”

Marika S. – English, Japanese & Politics Tutor – Peoria, IL
“In many situations, there are multiple ways to think about a topic. I will not force my beliefs on them; instead, I will be the devil’s advocate to support their unique thinking.”

Marilyn L. – English/ESL Tutor – Lancaster, PA
“My philosophy is to enrich each student, open their worlds to new ways to look at things, and make progress in whatever area they are experiencing difficulty.”

Martha C. – English/ESL/French/Spanish Tutor – Cumberland, ME
“My style is approachable and comfortable. I enjoy working with students one-on-one because I can tailor my instruction to fit the appropriate developmental/ability level as well as provide students with high-interest material that will connect and engage them to the content.”

Megan C. – English/ESL Tutor – Iowa City, IA
“I feel that the best way for students to learn is in cooperation and coordination with their peers and family as well as instructors and classmates.”

Merideth G. – English/Math/History & Social Studies Tutor – Wilmington, NC
“I believe any student can learn with proper motivation. Educators should look for the natural abilities of students and incorporate them into lesson plans.”

Michelle A. – English/Math Tutor – Corpus Christi, TX
“My goal as an educator is to help students gain the knowledge needed to be successful in the classroom as well as in life.”

Michelle C. – English Tutor – Tobyhanna, PA
“The more we know, the less we know. So it is better to know more of nothing than little of everything.”

Myra M. – English/Math Tutor – New Bern, NC
“All children are capable of learning, but they learn at different paces and in different styles. With support and healthy self-esteem, they can achieve their goals.”


Nancy S. – English Tutor – Jacksonville, FL

“I believe that all children learn in different ways and as educators it is our responsibility to find out what works best for your child. While students need to build stamina we cannot lose touch with the fact that they are children whose minds will wander and have an innate urge to learn how the world around them works and where they fit in.”

Nastasia S. – English Tutor – East Stroudsburg, PA
“My educational philosophy focuses on promoting learning in a diverse setting. I want my students to work together while embracing the differences between them.”

Natasha W. – English Tutor – Atlanta, GA
“I believe that each student is an individual with unique strengths and abilities. I try to discover these natural talents and tailor my tutoring so that each student learns in such a way as to play to their individual strengths.”

Nicole K. – English/Math Tutor – Lillington, NC
“No matter what challenges a student faces, they have a right to an excellent education that works for them. Each child is different, and therefore deserves a unique learning experience tailored for his or her specific needs. ”

Nicole S. – English/Math Tutor – Pine Hill, NJ
“My educational philosophy is that all children can learn. As a special education teacher I had to modify my lessons several different ways to make sure that I could reach all of my students. I always want to make my students feel good about themselves.”

Nikki K. – English Tutor – Saratoga Springs, NY

“I would like to help students come to enjoy education. The feeling of failure is disheartening; my goal is to coax students into feeling better not only about his or her school work, but themselves as well. Teaching also allows me to continue learning as well. By working together with children, I hope that maybe we can teach each other.”

Nioma B. – English/Math/History & Social Studies Tutor – Laceyville, PA
“I believe that structured planning, using a variety of teaching techniques, mastery learning, and “hands-on” activities permit my students to achieve their goals in all areas.”


Patricia V. – English Tutor – Madrid, NY

“I encourage critical thinking and challenge students to work up to their potential, in hopes that their experiences in my classes will teach them far more than how to compose a grammatically correct sentence, analyze a piece of literature, or write a compelling essay. ”

Peter T. – Math/English/ESL Tutor – Bay City, MI
“It’s about rapport, openness, friendliness, empathy, patience, humor … I try to put students at ease and to share with them my enthusiasm for the subject matter.”

Puja K. – Math/English Tutor – Harrisburg, PA
“Every student learns differently so you have to be willing to try various tactics until you find what works best for the student. Its all about creativity!”


Rachel R. – Math/Science/English Tutor – Groton, CT

“Every child needs a structured, safe, and caring environment in which to learn to reach his/her fullest potential. I provide this environment by building a positive relationship and being prepared and organized for every lesson. It is also important to provide opportunities for learning through self-discovery rather than being the primary source of information. Creating this environment is key to being an effective teacher.”

Robbi N. – English, Math & History Tutor – Atlanta, GA
“I believe that every person is entitled to an education. Although we all learn differently, we all learn.”

Russell B. – English Tutor – Coinjock, NC
“I feel that the Socratic approach to education allows students to claim ownership for their education as they are learning actively rather than passively.”


Sanduni W. – English Tutor – London, ON

“Truth can liberate us. I believe that education allows us to explore the nature of our society and the complex relationships that govern it.”

Scott C. – History & Social Studies/English/Science Tutor – Greenville, NC
“I believe that every student can achieve what they want if they work hard enough. The best teachers are those who use a variety of methods to reach their students.”

Shalyn S. – Math/English Tutor – Iowa City, IA
“A person needs an individualized learning plan that is best suitable to them. Learning needs to be hands on, fun, and understandable to a person.”

Stephanie R. – English/Math Tutor – Stoneboro, PA
“Learning has taken place when an individual does more with the information than simply recall it. Learning is the ability to synthesize and apply information.”

Suisui Z. – English Tutor – Regina, SK
“I believe that the goal of education is to enrich the lives of students while producing articulate, expressive thinkers and lifelong learners, who are socially responsible, resilient, and active citizens of the world.”

Susan D. – English Tutor – Windsor, ON

“When I work with students, I try to help them understand the major concepts behind what they are learning.”

Suzanne B. – English Tutor – Midland, MI
“I believe that education is a life-long process, and we should always be curious and engaged in learning.”


Tara W. – Science/English/Math/History & Social Studies Tutor – South Boardman, MI

“Every child has a unique way of learning, and it is the educator’s responsibility to discover the child’s best method of learning the material under study.”

Theresa M. – Math/English Tutor – Essexville, MI
“A teacher needs to have high expectations and a positive attitude. A successful teacher will reach a child where he/she is at and teach according to his/her abilities.”

Thomas W. – English/History & Social Studies Tutor – Quarryville, PA
“There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ teaching system. A student needs to connect a new concept to something concrete/practical in his/her existing body of knowledge.”

Tina M. – English Tutor – Red Deer, AB
“The optimal teaching environment is that in which student and teacher learn from one another. That is to say, the teacher adapts to the unique and diverse learning style of the student.”

Tonia S. – English, Math, Social Studies & Science Tutor – Prattville, AL
“I believe that children/students learn by example. As an educator and mother I am a firm believer a child potential is more than they expect. Each child is unique and has their own style of learning. It is my goal to find that style with in the student and help them grow from it.”

Troy L. – English/Math/Science Tutor – Marquette, MI
“Receiving a quality education is both rigorous and entertaining, challenging yet fun. We should all never stop learning, and should share that which we know with others.”

Tyler G. – Math & Science Tutor – Grand Falls, NB
“It is not important for a student to enjoy all subjects they must complete in school because that is impossible. Instead, it is necessary to gain the skills that they require to graduate and enter into a career that makes them happy.”


Valerie A. – English Tutor – Spencer, MA

“I believe that all students can reach their potential with high expectations, teacher patience and learning modifications.”

Vicki B. – English/Math/Science Tutor – Lubbock, TX
“I believe that each and every child can be taught. The future of each child depends on the knowledge they acquire in school beginning in the elementary grades.”


Walter M. – English/Math/Science Tutor – Sterling, CT

“I expect my students to be adults, to act and work like adults. If not, then I show them how. I tell my students that I believe everyone wants to be their best, so I tell them they start at 100/A and work their way down. If at all. I encourage their creativity in all fields while demanding they know the facts. I support, encourage, and look for the positive.”


Zak W. – English/ESL/History & Social Studies Tutor – Duncan, BC

“Knowledge is the foundation for every aspect of life and understanding.  Education is what one takes away from every learned experience.”