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Akron, Ohio Tutoring Programs

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Akron District and Curriculum

The schools in Akron operate under the Common Core Curriculum for major subject area teaching and learning. This curriculum was to teach students fundamentals upon which can be built higher-order, critical thinking abilities. Each subject is designed with strands of learning that students gain a deep understanding in. Strands of learning include writing in Language Arts, or algebraic thinking in Math. The process of building knowledge which students use to master advanced topics enables the development of students’ reflective thinking abilities.

We currently cover the following Akron-area school district: Akron Public Schools.

Schools in Akron include:

Rimer Community Learning Center is located on 2370 Manchester Rd, Akron, OH 44314, Rimer Community Learning Center covers grades PreK-5 and can be contacted at 330-761-7905.  The new Rimer Community Learning Center opened on August 26, 2009, after previously being a one room school called Allenside.  Rimer Community Learning Center is a relatively new school. The school was named in honor of William F. Rimer, who became principal of Kenmore High School in 1927. The school offers an instrumental music program, STAR Reading and mathematics programs, and morning and afternoon preschool and PreK. Like other students in the state of Ohio, students at Rimer Community Learning Center are taught a curriculum that conforms to the standards of Ohio Education. These standards describe the knowledge and skills students should have at the end of each grade level. For example, student in fifth grade science learn about earth and space science, life science, and physical science. In Earth and Space Science, students learn about cycles and patterns in the solar system, including how the sun and celestial bodies orbit the sun. In life science, students learn about ecosystems and food webs. In physical science they learn about light, sound and motion. To learn more about the Science tutoring we offer, please contact SchoolTutoring Academy.

Miller South School for the Visual & Performing Arts is located on 1055 East Ave, Akron, OH 44307, Miller South School for the Visual & Performing Arts covers grades 4-8 and can be contacted at 330-761-1765.  As a magnet school for the visual and performing arts, Miller South School for the Visual & Performing Arts integrates the standard core curriculum with programs in visual art, dance, theatre, and vocal and instrumental music. Students at Miller South School for the Visual & Performing Arts receive daily instruction in their core art interest and also have outside opportunities to be able to perform or showcase their work. Students wishing to attend Miller South School for the Visual & Performing Arts must enroll and attend an audition. In the Ohio Proficiency Test, the school’s scores have consistently been among the highest in the city. The curriculum taught by teachers at Miller South School for the Visual & Performing Arts conforms to the standards set out by Ohio Education. These standards outline the knowledge and skills students should have by the end of each grade level. In grade 7 mathematics, students learn about ratios and proportional relationships, the number system, expressions and equations, geometry, and statistics and probability. For more information on the mathematics tutoring SchoolTutoring Academy offers, please contact us.

National Inventors Hall of Fame STEM High School Located on 123 S Forge St, Akron, OH 44308, National Inventors Hall of Fame STEM High School covers grades 9-12 and can be contacted at 330-761-7965. Opening in 2012, the National Inventors Hall of Fame STEM High School (NIHF STEM High School) is a relatively new school. It opened in partnership with The University of Akron, Invent Now, City of Akron, Greater Akron Chamber and Akron Tomorrow. The school aims to prepare students into entry for jobs in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) related career fields. Students have the opportunity to work in the field with people in the STEM related industry they’re interested in so they can gain real world experience. The motto of the school is “STEM out of Ten”. After high school, many students make the decision to attend a post secondary institution. In order to do this, many students are required to take SAT or ACT tests. For more information on the SAT and ACT test preparation tutoring SchoolTutoring Academy offers, please contact us.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Akron District Curriculum

Akron’s Mathematics curriculum aims to combine teaching basic mathematical skills with developing problem-solving and critical thinking skills that will be applicable to all subject areas. The school district actively encourages teachers to use technology to capture the attention of their students; enVision math online games are a key component of the math curriculum. Other suggested online resources include PBS Teachers Math and Illuminations.

Akron’s commitment to the Language Arts is manifested in its SPARK program, which prepares young children to enter kindergarten. This program sends language specialists into the children’s homes, encouraging literacy and actively involving the parents. This commitment to literacy continues through all level of the school. For example, Akron Public Schools participate in the 100 Book Challenge sponsored by the American Reading Company. Through this program, schools set goals for reading, monitor the students’ progress, and award them appropriately.

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Ohio Tutors

I believe that with enough hard work, all students can learn. Not everyone learns the same way. Some students are aural learners; others are visual learners; still others are tactile learners. It is my job to help students discover how they learn best.
In order to learn something and for it to stick with you, one must be fully engaged. Your knowledge is your future. You must train your brain to think and know that what you learn today will forever help you tomorrow. Always try to learn with a positive attitude.
The trick to educating people is discovering their intrinsic motivators and applying them to educational principles. Students who are allowed to read and write about subjects that excite them are exponentially more likely to succeed.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Akron Educational News

  • Graduates of Akron Public Schools Eligible for UA Scholarships - Akron Public School District and the University of Akron have reached an agreement which allows UA to utilize an out-of-service building belonging to the school district. In return, graduates of the Akron Public School system are eligible for special scholarships to UA. UA has set aside 13.5 million for these scholarships.
  • Akron Schools Win Recycling Contest - Three members of the Akron Public School system – Voris CLC, North High School, and Mason CLC – won a recycling contest sponsored by the River Valley Paper Company. As part of the effort, over 35 tons of paper was recycled.
  • APS Cooperates with Stark State College to Offer Classes - Eligible high school students now have the option of enrolling in select online courses offered by Stark State College, simultaneously earning high school and college credit. Course offerings include English and math.

Akron Tutors Can Help Your Student Succeed

SchoolTutoring Academy works with young learners and students, all the way up through high school. We offer Pre-K and Kindergarten Tutoring as well as Elementary School Tutoring to build a strong learning foundation early on. We also offer comprehensive tutoring across all school subjects.

About Akron, Ohio

Akron is located in Summit County. The city was originally founded in 1825 by Simon Perkins and Paul Williams. They developed the city along the Cuyahoga River, at the summit of the developing Ohio and Erie Canal. The name Akron, comes from the Greek word meaning a summit or high point. Akron is nicknamed the “Rubber City” and the “Rubber Capital of the World”, for its long history of rubber and tire manufacturing. In 1871, the first rubber factory was moved to the city because of its abundant water supply and connection via railroads. Today, Goodyear Tire manufactures tires in the city. Once known as a center for airship development, the economy is the city is now diversified with the main sectors being manufacturing, education, healthcare and biomedical research.

Akron is notable for being the location of the passage of the Akron School Law of 1847. This law was responsible for creating the K-12 education System. In recent years, the city has become a world-renowned center of polymer research and development. The University of Akron houses a Polymer Science Institute that has led to the city being a leader in the polymer field. The city is well connected to the rest of the United States, with about 50 percent of America’s population living within a 500 mile radius of Akron. The city is also well connected by highway, making it a major trucking hub.

In 2017, the population of Akron was 197,846, making it the fifth most populated city in the state. 21.6% of the population was under 18, 26.2% of the population was between 18-34, 25.0% was 35-54, 13.5% was 55-64 and 13.6% was over the age of 65. The median household income in the city was $35,240 in 2017

Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens

The Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens is open from April to December and is the former home of the founder of Goodyear Rubber Company, F.A Seiberling and his wife Gertrude. Stan Hywet Hall is a huge 65 room Tudor Style Mansion originally built in 1912. Today, the building is national historic landmark. It is also the city of Akron’s first and largest Historic Landmark, and also the 6th largest historic home open to the public.  Included on the grounds of the estate are two tennis courts, a four hole golf course, an indoor swimming pool, gymnasium and other luxuries. Visitors to Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens can enjoy a tour of the historic property and its five building and ten gardens. All of the collections and furnishings in Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens are originally from the estate. The mansion and gardens are open to the public from May to December, and multiple special events are held there throughout the year.

Akron Zoo

The Akron Zoo is located west of the city’s downtown. It originally began in 1953 as the Akron Children’s Zoo. Today, the zoo includes 50 acres of property, home to over 700 species of animals. Endangered species are also emphasized, and the Akron Zoo participates in breeding programs to help endangered species recover. There are eight themed areas in the park, each of which are modeled after different habitats around the world. The largest exhibit is Legends of the Wild, which includes a 25-foot waterfall and displays of Humboldt Penguins, lemurs, snakes, capybaras, flamingos and more. The Komodo Kingdom features a Komodo Dragon, Galápagos tortoises and other species from the rainforest. Other exhibits include Tiger Valley, Farmland, Wild Prairie, and Grizzly Ridge.

Akron Civic Theatre

Opening in 1929, Akron Civic Theatre is a model example of the palaces from the 1920s. The theatre was designed by the famous theater architect John Eberson and can hold 2,592 people. The theatre features an impressive interior, being designed to look like a Moorish Castle with Mediterranean decor. There are medieval carvings, and authentic European antiques. A Wurlitzer Theatre Organ also rises to the stage level on a special lift. Since its opening, the theater has been exhibiting shows and special events for about 90 years. Today, shows are still being held, including musical events and ballets.

Interesting Facts

  • The NBA’s LeBron James was born and raised and Akron. He was the number 1 overall selection in the 2003 NBA draft and was drafted after graduating from St. Vincent–St. Mary High School.
  • Two members of the band The Black Keys, Don Auerbach and Patrick Carney are from Akron.
  • Since 1934, the city of Akron has been hosting an annual Soap Box Derby. Parent and children come to Akron every year to race their Soap Box cars head to head. The event is highly competitive, and there have even been some cheating scandals!
  • Akron was the birthplace for Quaker Oatmeal in 1877. It first started out as a cereal at the German Mills American Cereal Company, and in 1922, Quaker introduced Quaker Quick Oats.

Chalk Talk: The Importance of Sports

Playing on a team is a key part of the educational experience. Whether it is a dodge ball team during Physical Education class or a varsity baseball team, students need the experience of cooperating with one another. The invaluable experience of relying on teammates and working together to achieve a goal is something that students will carry with them into the workplace, family life, and beyond. Managers look for team players, employees who can happily cooperate with one another, delegate responsibility appropriately, and take responsibility for their own contribution to the overall goal.