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Alabaster District and Curriculum

The Shelby County School District wants each child to have a positive, successful future. In order for this to be accomplished, the Shelby County School’s Curriculum consists of Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Mathematics, Music, Art, Technology, World Languages, and Physical Education, along with a variety of electives for the students to choose from. Following the Alabama State Standards, this curriculum is assessed in a variety of ways for the students to demonstrate mastery.

We currently cover the following Alabaster-area school district: Shelby County Schools.

Schools in Alabaster include:

Thompson High School is located at 1921 Warrior Parkway, Alabaster, AL 35007.  Thompson covers grades 9 to 12. Contact Thompson at (205) 685-6700.  The mission of the Alabaster City Schools, as laid out on their website, “is to partner with families and the community to inspire and prepare graduates to be responsible and productive champions of their future.”  Thompson has a number of values that help guide teaching, learning, and working in the school. For example, Thompson strives to “embrace diversity, promote respectful relationships, and have high expectations and performance standards for all students and adults.” The School is named after Thomas Carlyle Thompson, who donated the land and the funds to build the original high school building, which now houses the Thompson Sixth Grade Center.  Thompson High School’s current building was built in the 1980’s. Thompson High School’s first day of school was October 3, 1921. The school’s mascot is the Warriors, with their colors being red, white, and black.

Meadow View Elementary School is located at 2800 Smokey Road, Alabaster, AL 35007.  Meadow View covers Preschool to Grade 3, with Special Education programs in place.  Contact Meadow View at (205) 685-4300. The mission of Alabaster City Schools, as laid out on their website, “is to partner with families and the community to inspire and prepare graduates to be responsible and productive champions of their future.”  Meadow View has a number of values that help guide teaching, learning, and working in the school. For example, Meadow View strives to “provide quality instructional programs, enriching extracurricular experiences, and a wide variety of opportunities for students to explore their interests, expand their dreams, and develop their talents.”  Meadow View has received awards such as the Official Bicentennial School of Excellence in 2018 and the School Culture Award for 2007 and 2008 from Shelby County Schools.  

Thompson Intermediate is located at 10019 Highway 119, Alabaster, AL, 35007.  Thompson Intermediate covers Grades 4 and 5, with Special Education Programs in place.  Contact Thompson Intermediate at (205) 685-6200. The mission of Thompson Intermediate, as laid out on their website, “ is that all students will learn in a safe environment where academic, physical, social, and emotional needs are met.”  Their vision is “to become a model for excellence in education on the local, state, national, and international level.”  Thompson Intermediate also says that “Our teachers and staff believe in working together with a true spirit of collaboration.  We are committed to the success of every student, and it is our privilege to have the opportunity to work with them each day.  Our teachers work hard to foster the skills that will enable every student to learn, serve, and lead on their road to becoming lifelong learners.”  Thompson Intermediate opened its doors during the 2000 to 2001 school year.  

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Alabaster District Curriculum

The essential classes focus on high-achieving standards that are built from a solid foundation of knowledge through the state benchmarks of education. Skills in mathematics of all levels are taught according to a curriculum established on the development of understanding, proficiency, philosophy and concept, and fluency. The Language Arts program is to
bring about literate students in our society, and Shelby County Schools is committed to developing successful readers in academics, as well as for enjoyment. Other classes teach relevant literacy skills so that students are fluent readers and critical thinkers in all academic courses.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Alabaster Educational News

  • Thompson High School Campus Upgrade - After two years the $88 million construction project on Thompson High School Campus has concluded. The old high school was built for a capacity of 800 students, but the school now has 1900 students. This new campus has a 2000 - 2200 student capacity. There are 103 classrooms, including 26 labs. The academy is career focused and has new spaces focused on fine arts, journalism, health science, engineering and more.
  • ACS Ranks in Alabama's Top 25 High Schools - Alabaster City’s Thompson high school takes 16th place on Alabama's top 25 high schools of 2018, as ranked by U.S. News. The institution earned a silver medal for its 95% plus graduation rate and 34.4 score on the college readiness index.
  • Alabaster City Named District of Distinction - Alabama City Schools District has earned a "District of Distinction" award from the District Administration magazine. In 2013, when the district first separated from Shelby County School District it had a high percentage of at-risk students. Since then, the district has launched many initiatives including: a summer program for students to learn standards so they can rejoin their peers as well as an individually paced credit recovery program. As a result, the graduation percentage has now risen to 98 percent.

Alabaster Tutors Can Help Your Student Succeed

SchoolTutoring Academy works with young learners and students, all the way up through high school. We offer Pre-K and Kindergarten Tutoring as well as Elementary School Tutoring to build a strong learning foundation early on. We also offer comprehensive tutoring across all school subjects.

About Alabaster, Alabama

The city of Alabaster is located in Shelby County, Alabama, and is about 30 miles south of Birmingham, Alabama.  According to census estimates in 2013, the city had a population of about 31,342, which makes it the 16th largest city in Alabama according to the number of residents.  As of 2019, it has almost 33,000 residents, making it the largest city in Shelby County, Alabama. Alabaster’s population tripled between 1980 and 2000.
Alabaster’s name comes from the white calcium carbonate mineral that is mined in the area.  The community that eventually became Alabaster was created in the early 1920s as a place for employee housing for the Alabaster Line Company.  It was incorporated as a city in 1953 by a residential vote, following a failed attempt the year before. Alabaster’s first mayor was George L. Scott Jr. 
Alabaster was located adjacent to Siluria, but merged with the community in 1971.  It boasts a number of facilities, such as health care centres, recreational locations, and employment opportunities.  Specifically, Alabaster has Shelby County’s largest medical facility, the Shelby Baptist Medical Centre. It also has nearby museums such as the Aldrich Coal Mine Museum and the Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum.  Alabaster is a very peaceful city, and has a number of nature trails, parks, and creeks.

Buck Creek Trail

Buck Creek Park and Warrior Park are connected by the Buck Creek Trail in Alabaster, Alabama.  The trail allows visitors to bike, hike, or walk their dogs through over 3 miles of land. While exploring the trail, visitors can view a number of different wildlife and plant species.  Trails are beneficial to communities because they link different parks and open spaces, increase property values, and increase opportunities for physical activity. Buck Creek Trail, in particular, allows visitors to experience Alabaster’s natural beauty. 

Shelby County Museum and Archives 

Located at 1854 Old Courthouse Circle, the Shelby County Museum and Archives is the perfect place to travel to if you are visiting Alabaster for the first time.  The Old Shelby County Court House, where the Museum and Archives are located, was built in 1854, and is a wonderful example of Jeffersonian Architecture. The building was designated as a historic landmark in 1974.  It is home to a number of records suchs as books, microfilm, and US Federal Census Records from 1790. It also provides the history of Shelby County families, communities, schools, and churches. Admission to the Shelby County Museum and Archives is free, and you can contact them at 205-669-3912.

Alabama Wildlife Centre

Located in Pelham near Alabaster, this wildlife rehabilitation facility provides care to Alabama’s injured and orphaned birds.  It was founded in 1977 as a small, home-based, volunteer-run organization, but has now grown to be Alabama’s largest wildlife rehabilitation centre.  It showcases almost 100 different species of birds, and is home to almost 2000 birds in total. Some of these birds include owls, hawks, and other birds of prey.  The wildlife rehabilitation centre cares for the birds until they are healthy enough to be released back into the wild. Visitors can enjoy a range of talks, nature trails, and other educational experiences throughout their tour of the Alabama Wildlife Centre.

Interesting facts 

  • Alabaster is named after the soft, white calcium carbonate mineral that is used for carving and is often found in the area 
  • Alabaster has one private school that has approximately 55 students and 4 teachers
  • In June, Alabaster holds a one-day city fest featuring food, live entertainment, vendors, and activities for children; attendance for this event has topped 50,000 visitors 
  • Alabaster also hosts one of Alabama’s largest Christmas parades every December, with over 100 entries in the parade 
  • The city has a Teen Council that provides youth with an opportunity to impact the community while also learning about local government; the purpose of the Teen Council is to organize events for community teenagers, develop future civic leaders, and create an informed group of teenagers who are knowledgeable about municipal issues 

Chalk Talk: How Students Can Benefit from Tutoring

Tutoring is ideal for students who are having difficulty with various aspects of school. Whether your child wants to understand the material being taught by the school teacher, or wants ideas how to get organized and able to study, tutoring should always be viewed as a constructive experience for your child. Our tutoring services offer the assurance that your child will gain the strategies and knowledge to be successful in school. All students will benefit in the following ways:

  • Understand the classroom lessons more effectively
  • Develop study habits in order to better comprehend the material
  • Discover their strengths by learning how to impart critical thinking skills
  • Receive one-on-one attention to meet specific educational needs
  • Boost confidence in school and throughout real-life situations