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Ambridge District and Curriculum

Ambridge Area School District operates 3 elementary schools, one junior high school, and one senior high school. Committed to student success and achievement, the Ambridge School District provides district curriculum maps. These curriculum maps are aligned with the Pennsylvania Standards and contain the content, skills, and assessments for each grade level. Elementary students participate in math, health, science, reading, and handwriting on a daily basis. Social studies is taught as a combination of geography and history. Art, music, and physical education are taught one a week at the elementary level.

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Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Ambridge District Curriculum

To help planning for students and teachers, course selection books guide secondary curriculum. These selection books help map out all core content and elective courses at the junior and senior high school level. Additionally, the Ambridge Area School District is committed to the PA Core Curriculum for English Language Arts and Mathematics. The PA Core Standards are real world relevant and offers a rigorous curriculum to produce high-quality learners ready for college, career, and life upon graduation.

In social studies, students learn many research skills and a great deal of content knowledge. To understand the U.S. government, students study the Constitution. From its underlying philosophical bases to the processes by which it is amended to interpretation of the document by the Supreme Court, students acquire a deep understanding of the supreme law of our land. Another topic is the impact of human modifications to the environment is also examined, including how construction of roads, and dams can damage fragile ecosystems. Students also learn about conservation movements, such as those that promote the protection of natural resources.

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Chalk Talk: Common Core Implementation

With the implementation of Common Core State Standards in more than 40 states in the United States, a national assessment to complement the curriculum seems to be in order. One big next step is the development of assessments to measure the progress of Common Core and student achievement in meeting the expectations. The goal is that the assessments students take clearly measure the objectives laid out in the Common Core Curriculum. Two groups are currently working to develop assessments. The Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium and the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers should have those assessments available this school year. Many of the states have chosen to participate in one of the two consortia so that they can pool resources and collaborate on best assessment practices.