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Anaconda District and Curriculum

Anaconda School District has a goal to enhance understanding, communication, and support from and for all between the school district and the community it serves. In the teaching and learning of the comprehensive K-12 curriculum in Mathematics and English Language Arts, the instructors follow the Office of Montana Public Instruction’s objectives, focusing in on and deepening knowledge with the subjects each year.

We currently cover the following Anaconda-area school district: Anaconda School District #10.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Anaconda District Curriculum

In the teaching of English Language Arts, standards comprise areas such as the proper use of grammar in the English Language. Verb tenses are taught, as well as subject-verb agreement usage. Pronoun-antecedent agreement is also taught to the students, and the students show mastery by speaking and writing these in the proper way. Adjectives and adverbs are also focused on, such as in the proper usage of comparative and superlative forms.

In the teaching of Mathematics, standards contain develop an understanding of place value, such as in the number and operations objectives in base ten. With place value, the students are exposed to working with multi-digit numbers and identifying and explaining the place value terminology of the numbers, as well as performing operations using place value. The goal is to establish strong mathematic literacy skills for students so they are able to understand and communicate in mathematic terms.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Anaconda Educational News

  • FCCLA - Family Career and Community Leaders for America is the FCCLA. It is a program for the middle and high schools to teach the children leadership skills. Fundraising, meetings, workshops, and competitions are some of the activities the students of the FCCLA participate in. There is also an elected president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer for this club.
  • Chess Club - Fred Moodry Middle school students who are good at the game of chess can be a member of The Chess Club. Practices happen several times a week to prepare them for the competitions and a year-end championship. The winner will receive an engraved trophy and the participants will receive certificates. All 7th and 8th grade students are welcome to join!
  • Essential Truths - People that are new to the area or just want to “get to know” the school system better, 'The Essential Truths about Montana’s Public Schools' is definitely worth the read! Everything is featured in this online publication and has been put together and written by the public school officials. Take a look and you are sure to learn something new about the school system!

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Chalk Talk: The Role of the Spanish Teacher

The Spanish teacher, either in middle school or high school, has a love for Spanish. More than likely, he has taken the language for many years, and has a deep knowledge and appreciation for the language, the countries, the cultures, and the customs and traditions of all things Spanish. Students that enroll in Spanish, in whatever level they are in, learn not only how to speak the language but learn about all aspects of the subject area.