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Anadarko, Oklahoma Tutoring Programs

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Anadarko District and Curriculum

The Anadarko School District philosophy includes a focus on encouraging deep thinking, conceptual understanding, and real-world problem solving skills, both in the classroom and beyond. The curriculum follows the Oklahoma state mandated Academic Standards which set expectations for students to be college, career, and citizenship ready. This curriculum incorporates literacy in science, social studies, and technical subjects along with an emphasis on the use of citations and examples from texts when crafting opinions and arguments in writing.

We currently cover the following Anadarko-area school district: Anadarko School District.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Anadarko District Curriculum

The curriculum marks an increase in rigor and grade-level expectations while also offering a full range of support for gifted and talented students, English language learners, and students with special needs. Within this curriculum, teachers are given standards but do have the freedom to teach however they need to in order to support their students; a specific format for each lesson plan is not mandated, so all that can or should be taught is not prescribed.

Advanced work, for example, is not limited beyond the standards, and teachers are free to craft their own lessons. Interventions for students below grade level also aren’t prescribed but are available when needed. The curriculum is intended to prepare students for post-secondary study or to enter the workforce directly after high school. There is also a focus on citizenship readiness. 

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Keeping Informed: Recent Anadarko Educational News

  • Guidance Services - Anadarko High School’s Guidance Department is available to help students plan for college and to offer academic support. They also are a good resource to learn about academic enrichment programs in arts organizations or local colleges that can help support a student’s interests.
  • ASD Athletics - Anadarko’s Athletics Department offers both men’s and women’s sporting opportunities. More information about teams, practice schedules, game schedules, and how to participate in supporting the teams can be found on their website.
  • AHS Activities - Anadarko High School has many clubs and activities available for students such as FFA (Future Farmers of America), 4H, National Honor Society and other career and academically relevant groups. Students are encouraged to seek out a group that will help them connect to their interests.

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Chalk Talk: Elements of a College Application

There are several elements of a college application packet, each with their own purposes, each equally important. The first piece is the application, itself. The bulk of the application is really just biographical information about the student, along with various other factual things. This is tedious to fill out, but also not that difficult. The most important part of the application is the transcript, which tells the college not only what classes the student has taken, but how well s/he did in them. The school profile goes along with the transcript. This is a document which helps the college understand the transcript and gives perspective on the rigor of the school, the classes offered, and similar information. The essays are very important because they are the way the college has to really get to know the applicant in his/her own voice. Recommendations give insight into how well the applicant performs in a class setting. And a resume shows how involved the student is outside of class.