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Andover District and Curriculum

Andover Public Schools contain ten schools and 6,150 students. There are six elementary schools with grades K-5, three middle schools, and a high school. The district has an extensive website and clearly sees the importance of communicating information about the curriculum, learning objectives, technology, and all aspects of the schools with the families and community. Andover Public Schools use the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks. The district embedded its academic needs into the state standards, establishing benchmarks for students to achieve in English language arts, math, science, social studies, and technology.

We currently cover the following Andover-area school district: Andover Public Schools.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Andover District Curriculum

The learning benchmarks contain strands (such as language and composition); within each strand are learning standards, with each standard proving a few objectives. An example of a standard in the language learning strand is that “students will describe, analyze, and use appropriate formal and informal English.” All of the objectives begin with the following: “At the end of [grade level], students will be able to…” One accompanying objective of the previously provided standard states that students will be able to “identify formal and informal language use in advertisements read, heard, or seen.” These examples come from this document.

The district also posts “curriculum brochures” for all content areas for each grade at the elementary level. These provide a brief synopsis of what students will be doing and learning in each subject throughout the school year. In addition, Andover makes available presentations that have been conducted related to the curriculum, such as a review of the balanced literacy program that has been implemented in the elementary grades.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Andover Educational News

  • Andover High School Takes Advantage of Students’ Expertise - Many teachers and school administrators feel intimidated by technology because their young students know more about it than they do, but Andover High School has chosen to embrace its students’ technology savvy. It has designed a course in which students run a help desk at which they assist teachers and staff with technologies such as MacBook Pros, Apple TV, and others. Students greatly benefit from this experience, as they have opportunities to attend conferences where they meet people in the field and work on independent projects such as creating apps.
  • Class of 2013 Graduation Full of Surprises - The hundreds of students who graduated from Andover High School in 2013 received a touching surprise at their ceremony. A social studies teacher who had missed much of the school year due to a couple of serious health scares addressed the group. The students also had a surprise in store for the school: a new sound system for Dunn Stadium.
  • Andover Celebrates Breakfast - Andover celebrated National Breakfast Week in order to increase awareness of its School Breakfast Program. The week-long event was designed to encourage students to eat a healthy breakfast and involved special menus, decorations, and activities in the schools’ cafeterias. Andover’s school breakfasts comply with the federal nutrition guidelines in limiting the amount of fat and the portion sizes.

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Chalk Talk: The Anatomy of a Lesson Plan: Objectives

Objectives are a key part of each lesson, as they specify what every student should be able to do at the end of that lesson. They should be written in measurable terms, meaning that the student behavior must be observable. For example, “the student will know the capital city of each state” is not a great objective because it is not measurable or observable. It would be better stated as “the student will be able to list the capital city of each state.” Bloom’s Taxonomy of Learning Objectives includes verbs that can be used for both lower and higher order thinking tasks. List would be a verb on the lower end, while a verb such as create would involve higher level thinking. Professors sometimes require that teaching candidates be extremely specific in their objectives, but school districts mandate this less often. They may use the ABCD model for writing objectives. In this model, the A stands for audience (typically the student), the B is for behavior (lists, creates, etc.), the C represents the criteria, and the D stands for degree (or standard for student achievement).