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Artesia District and Curriculum

The Artesia Public School District in Artesia, New Mexico is committed to providing students within the district with an academically rigorous curriculum. The school program is also geared toward helping students develop the self confidence and self reliance they will need to be successful in college or in their careers. The curriculum is based on teaching students the core competencies they will need to master for personal success and to be a contributing member of society.

We currently cover the following Artesia-area school district: Artesia Public School District.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Artesia District Curriculum

The Artesia Public School District uses the mandated State approved Common Core Curriculum Framework in all of the district schools. Common Core Curriculum was created to provide a standard for students learning Math and English and Language Arts (ELA) that provides students across the state with the skills they will need to pursue further education. In English and Language Arts students focus on learning reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. Both literature and informational text is used to acquaint students with the type of reading material they may encounter.

The literacy standards are applied in other core class work including Social Studies, History, Science and Technology. In Mathematics, the emphasis is on helping students achieve fluency in fundamental math skills such as computation, measurement, proportional reasoning, algebra, geometry, statistics and probability. This focused and coherent approach is geared toward preparing students to tackle higher math and math problems in the workforce.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Artesia Educational News

  • Math Conference - Teachers from the Artesia Public School District recently met for a math conference at the Zia Intermediate School. The teachers learned new mathematical techniques for compliance with math standards, networked together and worked with the curriculum map for the subject.
  • Reading Challenge - New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez recently met with students from the Artesia School Public District to discuss the Reading Challenge program. The Governor talked of incentives to help improve literacy and get children reading during the summer break. The new Summer Challenge will include prizes for reading for students in the second, third and fourth grades.
  • Chase Scholarship - Student winners of the Chase Scholarship recently enjoyed lunch after completing their required community service projects. The scholarships were provided by the Chase Foundation and corporate sponsors including the Holmes Western Oil Corporation. As part of the service project, students have been participating in installing playground equipment at an area playground.

Artesia Tutors Can Help Your Student Succeed

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