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Atlanta, Georgia Tutoring Programs

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Atlanta District and Curriculum

The Atlanta Public Schools are part of the Fulton County School System. The curriculum the schools follow focuses on the development and application of skills and knowledge that is set by the State of Georgia. The core curriculum areas are Language Arts, Science, Mathematics, and Social Studies. All Fulton County Schools also use the STEM Program. STEM refers to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

We currently cover the following Atlanta-area school districts: Atlanta Public Schools.

Schools in Atlanta include:

Morningside Elementary School is located at 1053 E Rock Springs Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30306. Morningside covers kindergarten through fifth grade. Contact Morningside at (404) 802-8950. The mission of Morningside Elementary School is, from their website,  “With a culture of collaboration and high standards, all students will be nurtured and well prepared for their future. A high-performing community school where teachers inspire, families engage and students excel.” Their motto is “Growing the Future, One Child at a Time.” Morningside was opened in 1929, and it feeds into Inman Middle School and Grady High School. Their mascot is a Dolphin. As of 2016, Morningside Elementary School has been declared a National Blue Ribbon School, in the Exemplary High Performing Category, as well as a Green Ribbon School, for their commitment to sustainability and leadership in developing facilities, health, and environmental education.

Inman Middle School is located at 774 Virginia Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30306. Inman covers sixth grade through eighth grade. Contact Inman at (404) 802-3200. The mission and vision of Inman Middle School are, from their website: “Establish a rigorous curriculum that allows all students to work to their highest potential and contribute to the community as socially responsive citizens,” and “Creating a Culture of Excellence,” respectively.  Inman places a large value on academics, as all schools do. The core curriculum that they use focuses on math, science, social studies, and languages with the goal of creating high achieving students with a well rounded character. The curriculum is supported by other courses, such as art, drama, band, orchestra, chorus, Spanish, French, physical education, health studies, and more. Not only is Inman celebrated for their curriculum, but also their after school programs, as well as their administrative oversight, dedicated teachers, active parent council, and volunteers from the community and surrounding businesses. The school began originally as an elementary school, back in 1924, under the same name. The namesake individual, Samuel Martin Inman, was an Atlanta civic leader, passionate about education, philanthropy, and citizenship.  The school grew over the years, and in 1978, became the middle school that it is today.

North Atlanta High School is located at 4111 Northside Pkwy NW, Atlanta, GA 30327. NAHS covers ninth grade through twelfth grade. Contact NAHS at (404) 802-4700. The vision of NAHS is, from their website: “North Atlanta High School, through holistic learning and collaboration among students, educators, families, and community, will foster an environment of critical thinkers who are globally and culturally aware.” And their mission is: “ Through a nurturing culture that embraces diversity, promotes academic rigor, and fosters integrity, North Atlanta High School will develop inquiring, responsible, and caring young adults who will graduate ready for college and career.” Additionally, The North Atlanta High School offers the oldest International Baccalaureate diploma program in the southeast. The IB program and curriculum is internationally regarded as one of the most rigorous, college preparatory curriculum in the world.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Atlanta District Curriculum

The elementary level Language Arts curriculum is based on the Continuous Achievement Model. Through the use of this model teachers can continually push students to their highest achievement level. The Middle School Language Arts Program uses the Thematic approach which gives students a chance to work as a team in the exploration of skill development in the following areas: fiction and nonfiction writing also composition and research methods. The high school Curriculum in Language Arts focuses heavily on reading skills. They practice skills in comprehension, analysis, and evaluation that is aimed at preparing the students for either college or their career.

The STEM program promotes the students ability to apply STEM principals and problem solving skills in both real-world and academic settings. Throughout all areas of the STEM Program the focus is on practical application and direct instruction practices. The curriculum is designed to promote mathematical reasoning across a broad range of disciplines. From the elementary level through high school there is a strong push toward mathematic excellence.

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Education opens the door to a world of opportunities. I believe that a teacher is obligated to enter the classroom with the highest expectations for every student that will ignite a passion for lifelong learning.It is my belief that, through education, an individual will receive the vital skills and tools that are necessary to become flexible problem solvers, and to build a life that is successful and prosperous.
My educational philosophy quite simply is that, all children can learn regardless of obstacles. I believe that honest and critical thinking mixed with relevant experiences can guide any children to love, appreciate, and understand their scientific world.
When students achieve success, they will develop confidence in their abilities. As confidence develops, students are able to master fundamental concepts. Every student is able to experience success at some level. I, as an educator, serve as a catalyst for that student success.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Atlanta Educational News

  • Schools Collect Cans for Hunger Awareness - This year the Fulton County Schools held their first annual "Can Do Good" food drive. The winning school was Johns Creek High School. Third Place went to Independence High School's Interact Club. All donations will go to help support local food banks. The drive helped students not only understand that many people suffer from hunger but also the event was also used to introduce high school students to basic concepts of Architecture and Engineering.
  • Congratulations Atlanta Public Schools - This year Atlanta Public Schools (APS) received a unique honor that is seen by few schools across the State of Georgia. APS was given the distinction of having six of the Highest Performing and Progressing schools statewide. This honor was bestowed by the Georgia Department of Education due to the hard work of teachers and support staff that led to these schools meeting or exceeding the Annual Yearly Progress goals for three years in a row; this is measured through assessment each year across all grade levels. The High Progress distinction comes from a school making the most progress toward all students improving their performance over a three year period on statewide assessments. Congratulations to all Teachers, Students, and Support Staff that worked so hard to receive these honors.
  • The Excellence Project - All across America schools face problems with student success and teacher effectiveness. Atlanta Public Schools has implemented a innovative plan to help improve student success by empowering teachers to teach and eliminating distractions of excess paperwork and other interruptions that keep them from effectively planning for and teaching their students. The excellence project is a three phase plan that is aimed at improving achievement. Phase One is an assessment of the achievement situation. Phase Two is where new goals are made and existing goals are refined to better meet the needs of all involved. Phase Three is the action plan where everyone mobilizes and gets the information and resources delivered to the teachers so that they can begin implementing the plan. For more detailed information follow the link above.

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SchoolTutoring Academy works with young learners and students, all the way up through high school. We offer Pre-K and Kindergarten Tutoring as well as Elementary School Tutoring to build a strong learning foundation early on. We also offer comprehensive tutoring across all school subjects.

About Atlanta, Georgia

The city of Atlanta is the seat of Fulton County in Georgia. Atlanta is the largest city in the state, the capital of the state, and the 38th most populous city in the United States. Atlanta is a relatively large city, covering an area of 347km2, and housing a population of 486,290. Atlanta was originally founded as the terminating stop of a major state-sponsored railroad. With rapid expansion, however, it soon became the convergence point between multiple railroads, spurring its rapid growth.

The 2010 United States Census reported that Atlanta had a population of 420,003. The population density was 3,154 per square mile (1232/km2). Out of the total population five years and older, 83.3% spoke only English at home, while 8.8% spoke Spanish, 3.9% another Indo-European language, and 2.8% an Asian language. Because of the development of corporate headquarters in the region, attracting migrants from other areas of the country, by 2003, Atlanta magazine concluded Atlanta had become significantly “de-Southernized.” A Southern accent was considered a handicap in some circumstances. In general, Southern accents are less prevalent among residents of the city and inner suburbs and among younger people; they are more common in the outer suburbs and among older people.

The Georgia Aquarium

“Experience the World Beneath the Waves,” the Georgia Aquarium provides a stunning series of displays that show what the aquatic life of the world is like. They hope to inspire awareness and preservation of the ocean and aquatic animals world wide. The aquarium itself is run by a nonprofit; with over 10 million gallons of water in the tank, the aquarium is a scientific institution that entertains and educations. The programs they run are held to the highest standards, promoting conservation of aquatic biodiversity throughout the world. They lead the scene in aquatic research and preservation efforts, and they are committed to providing the best environment and home possible for all of their sea creatures and critters. The Georgia Aquarium has also been accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, as well as several other major institutions.

Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historical Park Georgia

The Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historical Park Georgia consists of several buildings, including Martin Luther King Jr’s boyhood home and the church where he was baptized and where both himself and his father served as pastors. These have been preserved due to their importance in interpreting the life and actions of the man and his legacy as the leader of the American Civil Rights Movement. These buildings have been including since the foundation of the park on October 10, 1980. The former National Historic Site was reclassified as a National Historical Park on January 8, 2018.

The Atlanta Botanical Garden

The Atlanta Botanical Garden got its start in 1976, and has since become the crowning jewel of horticulture and botany in Atlanta. They have renowned plant collections, gorgeous displays, and spectacular exhibitions that make the Atlanta Botanical Garden the greenest and most beautiful place in the city to visit. Sometimes referred to as an “Urban Oasis,” the garden includes 30 acres of outdoor gardens, a children’s garden, a unique canopy walk through the Storza Woods, and the graceful Skyline Garden. Their mission is to “develop and maintain plant collections for the purposes of display, education, conservation, research and enjoyment.” Since the very beginning, Atlantans have loved the gardens, with over 50,000 visitors just 7 years after its opening. Since then, the gardens have been expanded numerous times, has won a plethora of awards, and has been the highlight of many a family trip.

Interesting Facts

  • Atlanta leads the nation with the title of “City in a Forest”, with over 100,000 shade trees planted and distributed through the non-profit ‘Trees Atlanta’. The National Forest Service has recognized Atlanta as “the most heavily forested urban area in the country,” covering 47.9% of the city.
  • Atlanta is the only city in North America to have been destroyed as an act of war when General Sherman burnt it to the ground in November of 1864. Only 400 buildings survived the razing, but the city rebuilt itself from the ashes — which is why the city symbol is the phoenix.
  • The Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport has held the title of “world’s busiest airport” for 18 years.
  • Georgia now ranks third in the nation in US film production, and first in growth. More television and movie producers are catching on that Atlanta.

Chalk Talk: Changing Stereotypes

Atlanta public schools are redefining one long standing stereotype: Real Men Don't Read. Starting in the 2010-2011 school year, all Atlanta Public Schools second grade classes implemented a ground breaking mentoring program titled Read, Excel, Achieve, Lead (R.E.A.L) Men Read. It was decided that due to the fact that second grade is where students shift from learning to read to reading to learn the program could be most successful at this grade level. The program was a huge success for all involved. The students read more and participated in lively and diverse group discussions. Many schools could greatly benefit from such cutting edge programs. Aside from this program they also have programs for bully awareness and prevention and competitions in technology with categories in graphic design, software design, and animation.

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