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Batavia District and Curriculum

The Batavia City School District has recently implemented the state mandated Common Core Curriculum for all grades. The Common Core Curriculum was approved by the New York State Board of Regents in order to standardize school curriculum and quality of education across New York State. The curriculum uses frameworks to detail the course of study from elementary through high school within each subject.

We currently cover the following Batavia-area school district: Batavia City School District.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Batavia District Curriculum

In English, the focus is on developing the skills to listen, speak, read and write with a broad understanding of the English language. In their reading and listening skills, students will learn how to read for information including facts and ideas and be able to analyze and apply that understanding to write compositions and text. Writing is also a critical component of student learning and they are expected to develop a process-oriented approach to written work.

In the area of Mathematics, students will learn the fundamentals of mathematics, including computation, algebra, geometry, probability, and statistics. The emphasis is on developing the skills to use mathematical analysis to solve problems and be able to utilize math skills in real world settings. Students are expected to work with different types of mathematic relations and models, develop mathematic literacy, and be able to communicate in the language of math.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Batavia Educational News

  • Art Development - Students from the BCSD, under the direction of one of the Art teachers, are collaborating with high school students from Geneseo and Dansville to develop personal art portfolios. The students meet to discuss projects and to critique each other’s work. All art students in the art portfolio project are working on the same projects. This collaboration allows art students to connect with other local art students.
  • Chemical Elements - Batavia City School District six graders have been learning about matter and energy in their science classes. Their lessons included learning about the periodic table of chemical elements and atomic structure. To bring the science alive for the students, Ms. Tammy Wiedrich, a sixth grade teacher, had the students construct a 3D model of one of the elements in the periodic table.
  • Music Express - Music Express Magazine has been holding a contest for their Video Mashup event. Schools from all around the world have entered the music competition. One of the entries was by John Kennedy School which included the entire school of 580 students participating in singing “The Song of Life.” Twenty two schools including John Kennedy School are the finalists in the competition and will be featured in the Video Mashup event.

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Chalk Talk: The Adventures of Amelia the Pigeon

To help children learn more about earth science, parents and teachers can direct kids to the educational multimedia game called Amelia the Pigeon, an interactive website which is sponsored by NASA. The site is targeted toward students in Kindergarten through fourth grade and comes with useful lesson plans for teachers or parents who are homeschooling. There are also lots of hands on activities for children to enjoy. The cartoon like site details subjects such as remote sensing and satellite imagery which are used in tracking information on climate change around the world.