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Belchertown District and Curriculum

The Belchertown Public School District is devoted to making certain that each child meets the world with 21st century skills. In order to achieve this mission, the district has designed a rigorous curriculum to ensure success. The curriculum is standards-based, incorporating the Common Core State Standards as part of the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks.

We currently cover the following Belchertown-area school district: Belchertown Public School District.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Belchertown District Curriculum

The English Language Arts curriculum ties together reading, writing, speaking and listening, media studies, and research skills as major areas of learning for students. The skills in each area are built upon yearly and students learn to read tests ranging from poetry to primary source documents and learn different strategies to glean the most information from each type of reading. Writing is focused on narrative, reflective, and analytic writing and students are taught how to organize and present their thoughts in writing.

In Mathematics, the Belchertown Public School District focuses on access to learning across disciplines. Though calculation skills are necessary, more emphasis has been placed on problem-solving skills, which can easily be translated into other areas of the curriculum. A fine balance between practicing procedural skills and understanding mathematical concepts will not only prepare students for deeper thinking and comprehension, but for both career and college as well.

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Keeping Informed: Recent Belchertown Educational News

  • Agriculture in the Classroom - The MAC, or the Massachusetts Agriculture in the Classroom, held a Day of Garden Skills for the School of Garden. Agriculture students and teachers assisted in the activities from Belchertown Public Schools.
  • Strong Test Scores - Tenth graders celebrate as their scores are revealed from the 2013 English Language Arts assessment of the MCAS. Ninety-nine percent passed, and almost the same number passed the mathematics portion. Superintendent Judith Houle announced that 65 Belchertown High School students were to be nominated for the John and Abigail Adams scholarship, as they each scored an “advanced” grade on a minimum of one section.
  • Friend of Education Award - Over the past decade, Country Bank has donated $175,000 to the Belchertown Public Schools. In honor of their philanthropy, the district awarded the bank with a Friend of Education Award.

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Chalk Talk: How to Stay Healthy at School

Going back to school means many new things: new teachers, new classes, new friends. . .and new germs. When kids are introduced to new germs, whether at the beginning of the school year or the beginning of the flu season, they can obviously become too ill to attend school. By following a few simple tips, however, some of those germs can be avoided. First, wash your hands. A lot. It is necessary to wash your hands before you eat and after you have used the restroom, blown your nose, or even coughed into your hands. Not only does washing your hands prevent you from getting sick, but it helps to slow the spread of germs to others if you are contagious and don’t know it. Second, stay at home when sick. Be sure to keep your child at home anytime symptoms appear. When kids are contagious, they will only infect others by attending school. Besides, if they are sick, they probably don’t feel like being at school anyway.