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Blue Ash, Ohio Tutoring Programs

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Blue Ash District and Curriculum

Public school children in Blue Ash attend one of two school districts in the area. Most of Blue Ash is served by the Sycamore Community School District, but some children in the western part of the city attend the Princeton City School District. Both districts take pride in making learning the highest priority. Students take part in well-developed curricula that challenge them to achieve their highest potential, while helping them build essential skills needed for success in all aspects of life. Students in both the Sycamore and Princeton districts have many opportunities for growth, from engaging lessons in the classroom to informative field trips to learning skills on the field of play.

We currently cover the following Blue Ash-area school districts: Princeton City School District and Sycamore Community School District.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Blue Ash District Curriculum

The English language arts curriculum in the Princeton City School District and Sycamore Community School District includes a study of language skills that promotes effective usage of the English language. Students learn standard English usage skills, such as grammar. Learners develop an understanding of the functions of phrases and clauses, and also examine the different types of pronouns and their proper usage. Children learn how to choose appropriate language for the style of speaking or writing in which they are engaged, learning also to reduce redundancy and wordiness.

The fine arts curriculum in Blue Ash’s two school districts includes the opportunity for children to study theatre and dramatic arts. High school students acquire advanced skills that allow them to create and deliver effective dramatic performances. Students learn strategies for improving performance, including the use of proper vocal quality, posture, and language. They acquire knowledge of pre-blocking, directing, and composition to develop an effective stage presence.

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