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Buford, Georgia Tutoring Programs

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Buford District and Curriculum

Students living in Buford attend Gwinnett County Public Schools. Students learn under a set of student performance standards, Academic Knowledge and Skills (AKS), aligned with Common Core Georgia Performance Standards. Academic Knowledge and Skills include instruction and assessment specific to all students. Students are well prepared for national assessments, standardized assessments and most importantly, the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in college and the future.

We currently cover the following Buford-area school district: Gwinnett County Public Schools.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Buford District Curriculum

Mathematics learning throughout all grades involves developing and improving number sense, computation, measurement and spatial recognition. In middle school, students begin to deal with greater level of complexity within math problems and must become familiar with working with word problems. Problem solving, logical and quantitative reasoning skills are emphasized as students make connections between concepts and real-world application.

English Language Arts learning focuses on the skills of reading, speaking, listening and language through the use of informational themes, short narratives, conducting research, media viewing, writing and presentation. Students are continuously using these elements through K-12 grades, not only as part of the English Language Arts curriculum, but also integrated into other core subjects, such as Science, Social Studies and Technical Education (9-12 grades).

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Keeping Informed: Recent Buford Educational News

  • Museum of Buford - The Museum of Buford gives you the sights and sounds of what the city once was and now is. Permanent and rotating exhibits and photographs share Buford’s history of the shoemaking and manufacturing industries as well as historic homes and schools. Visitors can view the displays in person at the museum as well as their virtual slideshow online. The museum also offers a collection of resources that give even more history on the sites and development of Buford.
  • Southeastern Railway Museum - Southeastern Railway Museum houses restored trains, cabooses, exhibits and even the platform of the private rail car used by President Harding. Located nearby in Duluth, children and adults will be fascinated by all the displays, interactive demonstrations and tours showing all types of locomotives, passenger and freight cars and equipment used over time to maintain the trains. The museum also offers programs as well as camps for children to learn all about the railway system and maybe even create a model train of their own.
  • Buford Wolves News - Congratulations to the Buford teams! The 12 and under Buford Wolves Gold GGBL made the GGBL 12 AA Championship series and the Buford 10 and under Minor All-Star softball team placed second in the All-Star Warm-Up Tournament. Three cheers for these young athletes!

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SchoolTutoring Academy works with young learners and students, all the way up through high school. We offer Pre-K and Kindergarten Tutoring as well as Elementary School Tutoring to build a strong learning foundation early on. We also offer comprehensive tutoring across all school subjects.

Chalk Talk: Balancing School and Extracurricular Activities

Students are in school most of the day, bringing home with them probably a few more hours of school work. In between that, your child may be involved in afterschool activities, such as sports, clubs or league. At the time your child does get home from their activity, knowing schoolwork (i.e., homework) has to be done can be daunting to them as well as take away from possible family time. Every family has their own method or way of managing the coming, going and doing of each family member. Some children start their homework while dinner is getting ready, others clean up, shower, get their things ready for the next day to leave homework for after dinner. As a family, students and parents should work together to find the right balance. It may take trial and error once a school year starts. A day or week may not be the same as the previous, so finding a routine may be hard but it will be worth it.