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Carnegie District and Curriculum

Carlynton School District provides their students with curriculum which not only satisfies Pennsylvania Standards, but which also provides the best education for their students. With this in mind, the district continuously revises its curriculum for all grades to keep students learning current material effectively. The curriculum is designed to be a standards and objectives based framework, with the standards/objectives representing the skills and higher order knowledge students should develop.

We currently cover the following Carnegie-area school district: Carlynton School District.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Carnegie District Curriculum

Due to the fact that no student is alike, the school recognizes and supports all students. These include those with special needs, Gifted students, English Language Learners, as well as students who desire advanced, college prep and regular courses. Special needs, Gifted students, and ELLs are accommodated by evaluating their situation and giving them some tests to assess where they are at and what is needed. Then an individualized learning plan is written up for each one which is followed in their specific classes and learning plan. This allows all students to receive a quality education according to their needs.

High school students are not only offered regular courses, they are also offered advanced and elective courses. Under the category of Language Arts, students not only may take the required English courses, British and American Literature as well as Theater are offered. In Math, an advanced course of study is presented for those who are ahead of their regular class.

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Chalk Talk: How to Get Ready for College

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