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Cary, Illinois Tutoring Programs

Get started with SchoolTutoring Academy’s tutoring programs for Cary, Illinois students. Start with a FREE ACADEMIC ASSESSMENT with an Academic Director. Our flagship tutoring programs are available starting at $199.99/month (about $25/hour)

Cary District and Curriculum

The goal of the districts is to engage their students in problem-solving and critical thinking through the use of a rigorous curriculum while connecting these lessons to real-world contexts. The hope is that students will be prepared to transition successfully into post-secondary education and careers. Students are provided opportunities to take responsibility for their own learning and intervention strategies are in place to address significant achievement gaps regardless of learning style.

We currently cover the following Cary-area school districts: Cary Community Consolidated School District 26 and Community High School District 155.

Educating Our Parents: Understanding the Cary District Curriculum

In the classroom, the district requires that teachers follow the Illinois Common Core curriculum for mathematics, science, and humanities classes. Teachers do have some flexibility in differentiating their lesson plans and are encouraged to meet the specific needs of individual students’ learning styles, the focus remains the teaching of key, foundational ideas, like numbers and operations, in math classes, which then progress onto more complex concepts once a basis has been established.

In humanities, students read complex, nonfiction texts to gather information, build arguments, and support their claims in analytical writing. They also study literature and have opportunities for creative and reflective writing as well. Students are expected to be able to discuss literature and present information using different media technologies. The hope is that when students graduate, they will be able to apply these concepts which they’ve mastered and then progress to their post-secondary education.

Our Cary, Illinois tutoring programs are personalized just for you

Our instructors hail from Harvard, Stanford, Duke and other top institutions

Keeping Informed: Recent Cary Educational News

  • Student Services - The Cary Grove High School Student Services department exists to help students maximize their educational potential. Students can learn about programs that might appeal to their academic interests, scholarship opportunities, and get guidance in academic planning.
  • Athletic Opportunities - Cary Grove High School has spirit! Many students participate in after school sports in order to stay healthy. Sports are also a great way for kinesthetic learners to excel. The department is also an excellent resource for students interested in playing college sports.
  • Student Activities - Cary Grove High School offers many activities for students, from special interest clubs to academic enrichment clubs. There are service clubs that participate in community events, academically competitive groups, hobbyist clubs, and culturally-themed clubs, to name a few!

Cary Tutors Can Help Your Student Succeed

SchoolTutoring Academy works with young learners and students, all the way up through high school. We offer Pre-K and Kindergarten Tutoring as well as Elementary School Tutoring to build a strong learning foundation early on. We also offer comprehensive tutoring across all school subjects.

Chalk Talk: College Resumes

College resumes should be one page long for ease of reading. Formatting can vary, but the applicant’s name, contact information, and GPA should appear at the top, usually centered. Information can be grouped in a variety of ways, but each section should be set apart with a title of the section either in bold or with a line extending all the way across the page, for example. Many students will use sections like Leadership Opportunities and Work Experiences. Many students will include sports and clubs, and these can be very important to include. A good rule of thumb is to include only items which demonstrate multiple qualities for students. For example, being a member of a club doesn’t necessarily mean that much, but being a leader of a club, or being a member of a club that does volunteer work or promotes diversity can be very helpful.

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